“O.C.” Gets Bushwhacked

On Thursday April 28, a travesty occurred on the PA campus when FOX failed to air the latest episode of “The O.C.” In lieu, FOX opted for a slightly more important broadcast: a speech given by President Bush. Students at Phillips, a supposedly worldly, politically-infused campus, vehemently protested the delayed airing. While PA students cannot always be held accountable for the political yearnings of their alumni, the response to President Bush’s speech was ultimately disappointing. Bush spoke specifically about the issue of Social Security, a topic current PA students should be worried about. However, it seems that Ryan, Seth, and the rest of the gang are more important than the old-age pension our generation may not receive. Although the responses of students was almost horrifying, “The O.C.” is a positive program on campus. It serves as a Thursday night reprieve from our lives of ever-delayed gratification. Despite the fact that many feel that “The O.C.” is a shallow, vapid, and wasteful program, every now and then, students need a break from work. This “O.C.-Bush” showdown is actually a sign of a larger apathy towards current events at PA. While students can easily garner grades of “4” and “5” on the United States History AP after taking a course at Andover, it seems as though keeping up to date on current events can be a struggle. Though newspaper subscriptions are made available by the school, many people do not have time to read the papers to which they subscribe. In addition, most teachers do not put an emphasis on current events due to schedules and time constraints. When questioned about the interruption on that fateful Thursday, many Andover students did not even know the subject of Bush’s speech. Not only is the apathy towards an address by the president alarming, but also the fact that so many people are ignorant of the Social Security crisis is truly a disgrace to Andover as an institution. Although Andover provides a great education for its students, without informing them of national and international events, political and otherwise, we cannot become productive citizens after graduation. When Ralph Nader visited the academy several weeks ago, he was stunned to find that there was no course directed at instructing students to make the most of their power as citizens. Though being “book smart” is essential in leading a successful life after Andover, being well-informed on non-book information is even more critical. Being well-informed includes understanding President Bush’s proposed solution to the Social Security issue, even if it interferes with “The O.C.” The overall upheaval on campus after President Bush’s speech was nothing short of immature. The end of the world is not marked by an un-aired “O.C.” Every PA student needs a break from work every now and then, especially on Thursday nights. However, it would not hurt for us to take a more hands on approach to the concern of current events. It is our own responsibility to remain informed. So long as we attend Andover, we will be held responsible for being representatives of our generation, and if the so-called “cream of the crop” refers to Social Security as “that thing that interrupted ‘The O.C.,’” then we all should be worried.