Even with extremely impressive improvement throughout the fall, the team finished the regular season with a mediocre record of 5-6 in league play. As a result, Andover is only able to play in the league’s consolation tournament (for teams finishing in places 5-8). Over the past week, the team has been training hard for the final tourney. The Big Blue will be playing teams they have played before in a familiar pool, and there is no reason that the team should not leave the tourney fifth in the league and with a record of .500 (including non-league play). Goalie Chris Zegel ’05 is extremely excited. He commented, “These wins will not be given to us. We are going to have to play smart and hard, but it is without a doubt within our reach. . . As they will be my final two games in an Andover cap, I would like to see everyone play their best, especially myself. If we do, we should definitely come out on top.” The team will travel to Williston on Saturday to face an unannounced opponent in the first round.