“Frodo” Talks Soccer, Ring: Getting to Know Weisz ’06

Continuing on the theme of getting to know the Andover soccer team, this week I decided to interview Aaron Weisz. Better known as “Frodo”, Weisz is a two year upper who occupies the room next-door to me in Foxcroft and is one of the all around jolliest characters I have ever met. Born and raised in Crystal Lake, Illinois, Frodo plays center-mid for the 5-3 Andover soccer team. Weisz played JV for the duration of last season, and was made a member of the varsity squad early this fall. Since he has joined the team, however, Frodo has consistently been seeing more and more playing time, and has been a large contributor both on and off the field. As teammate and campus-dreamboat Nate Kellogg ’05 said of Weisz: “He is one of the hardest workers on the team, and his enthusiasm makes us all play harder.” I caught up with Weiz after a big 3-0 win over Cushing this past Wednesday… How did you start playing sports? I thought they were fun so I played them. Favorite Professional Athlete? Coby Jones….’cause he is a sick soccer player. How exactly did you get the nickname ‘Frodo’? It all began at Team Prep-camp last year, my first nickname was ‘guns’ cause I showed up in a sleeveless shirt and I showed up wearing football cleats, like real football cleats, not soccer cleats. Then later, Chris Walters was like, ‘you kinda look like Frodo,’ and he began calling me Frodo and everybody followed. Do you have any pre-game rituals? Yeah…I like to listen to that Lord of the Rings song. Favorite Sports drink? Element. If you could play any other sport professionally what would it be? I would be a professional ping pong player (pause) because that’s where the money is. What’s more important to you athletics or academics? Both the same, academics a little more…. (pause) Yeah, definitely academics, actually. Talk to me about the PA soccer team. We’re working hard. Did you play any other sports growing up? Basketball, Tennis, Badminton (laugh)…Professional Badminton Circuit, now that would be sweet! Any future plans for soccer, in college perhaps? D-III in college, hopefully. Over the last year what personal achievement are you most proud of? Making the Andover soccer team. His nickname is Frodo; he listens to the Lord of the Rings before every game; he plays sports because they are fun; and the achievement he is most proud of (in his life!) over the last year is making the Andover Varsity Soccer team. Not only is this kid a character, but he is also incredibly enthusiastic about our school and our soccer team. At Andover, where late nights, no-sleep, and absurd amounts of work have become common, it becomes easy to adopt a fairly negative attitude. To talk with a kid this upbeat and genuinely appreciative makes one feel refreshed, to say the least. Weisz-or should I say Frodo-wears a smile and a full head of curls wherever he goes. This kid has an extraordinary sense of humor, and is hilarious to be around. Weisz is thrilled to be a member of the Andover Soccer team, but more importantly he is happy to be a member of the greater Andover community. Athletically, Weisz is already a gifted athlete, and over the next couple years his talent will only increase. But, as a center-midfielder for the Boys in Blue, Weisz has much more than fancy footwork and great passes across the middle to give to the school. After all, any kid who goes by Frodo can’t be too bad of a guy.