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Fashion Police

Hey Gang! As we all know last weekend was Anthony Reyes ’05’s own Presidential Bash! As always, the Features Fashion Force was out in full force looking for the most sheik and stylish duds, and at Mr. Reyes’ party thing, the Fashion Force was not disappointed! Anthony himself was dressed to the nines in a stunning suit coat, rumored to be hand shipped to him from Armani Jr., or possibly Baby Gap. And of course who would be there but Steve Sherrill ’05 outfitted in a three-piece corduroy suit – the latest in Euro trash style! Of course all the presidential candidates were at the party, including Daniel Adler ’05 who came dressed in his gray “Adler for Andover” fleece, the latest fashion trend to come from the Kinko’s line. Shameless self-promoter Peter Accomando ’05 was of course representing himself with a full posse of not two but three shirtless men and count ‘em eight obnoxiously huge banners! After running so many times here’s to hoping that ol’ Petey gets elected to something! Speaking of shameless promotions, this week only at Bob’s Discount Warehouse, bulk packages of Italian sausages are 50% off! Bob’s Discount Warehouse – “the place that smells like paint chips… and tastes like it too!” Mingling among the other candidates, who did we see but Morissa Sobelson ’05! She was wearing a dress made entirely of Howard Dean’s flesh! Remember, you heard it here first! Don’t sue me! Don’t look now but a little fairy might have told me that Bobby Spang ‘05 ate all the apple pie! Who would think that one boy would like apple pie that much! Not me that’s for sure! Unfortunately Yusuke Uchiyama ’05 was unable to attend, but his brand new “Vote Suke” Robot most certainly was able to attend. An extension of his website, the “Vote Suke” Robot is a 15 foot tall voting/killing machine that comes armed to the teeth… with ballots! Other notable fashion forward partygoers included Barbara “Babs” Chase, complete with poodle skirt, and dressed in a subtle, quite unremarkable suit was none other than Billy Doyle ’05 – “the candidate you think is still running whom you might have voted for but you can’t really remember sorta”! So that about does it for Anthony Reyes’ wacky and wild presidential party! It sure was a fun and fashionable good time that I swear to god I really went to. Who would write a fashion article about a party they didn’t go to? Now that’s absurd! Anyways, this is the Features Fashion Section, signing off! 0