Boys Squash Dominates St. Paul’s School in Upset

In another epic match of utter destruction, the PA squash team managed to better its debut defeat of Harvard’s JV with an even stronger showing against St. Paul’s on Wednesday. After another round of challenge matches on Tuesday, with results allowing for another reshuffling of the team, the team was once again unsure of how well they were going to do. They were beaten last year by St. Paul’s, 4-3. A small margin, but a defeat nonetheless. Therefore, when they showed up, the boys were surprised to hear that the SPS numbers 1, 3 and 5 were missing from their line-up for the day. Whether it was good or bad luck is hard to tell, but it did allow for a phenomenal victory. Not a game was dropped, and neither were any even close. For many, matches lasted only about 15 minutes. The players were disappointed, for although it is nice to win a match, it would have been better for some competition to have been provided. In squash, it is very difficult to improve unless pushing against a tough opponent, and learning how to strategize to defeat an opponent who is perhaps better at racquet skills. There was, however, a very nice thing about the day. Other than being allowed to leave earlier than usual, the squash players were pleased at the spectator turnout. There were parents and students in attendance. Perhaps, the crowd excited the players into their great play. This weekend, on Saturday, the squash team has its biggest match so far. Belmont Hill, Choate and Westminster are coming up, meaning that there will definitely be plenty of matches. Also, the athleticism displayed by squash players may expect some, who are of the mind that squash doesn’t qualify as a real sport. However, back to this Saturday, there is really a reason to come. So far this term, there have been almost no hard matches. PA squash has been blowing teams away left and right, not necessarily a bad thing. But this weekend, there are some interesting matches waiting to happen. Belmont Hill is strong, having actually been the only team to beat the Big Blue squash this year. Choate and Westminster are traditionally strong, and from field reports so far nothing has changed. So, when you see that squash player walking down the path, before you stick in those witty comments about the sport of squash, remember to wish them good luck this weekend, and to support them in person. On Saturday, the Big Blue will head to a major tournament. The guys are all set to face off with Belmont Hill, Choate Rosemary Hall and Westminster School. The tourney should provide a range of challenges for the Varsity squad, but with good use of practice time, the team should be very well prepared to take on the challengers.