Phone Numbers Of Day Students May Be Published

Last Monday, the Deans’ Council reviewed a proposal to include students’ home telephone numbers and email addresses in upcoming editions of The Directory. The proposal, submitted by Day Student Representative Joe Musumeci ’03, met with enough approval to be passed to Registrar Herb Morton for logistical consideration. If accepted by Mr. Morton and the Office of the Dean of Studies, the proposal will return to the Deans’ Council for final approval and will take effect in the next academic year. “The proposal went over well with the Deans’ Council but no decision has been made yet,” said Student Council President Kanyi Maqubela, “In the immediate future, the only thing we can do is hope that this proposal passes and makes day students more accessible to everyone.” Musumeci’s suggestion included a copy of the Phillips Exeter Academy (PEA) facebook which has included all students’ home telephone numbers for the last three years. Musumeci also supplied the Deans’ Council with a copy of the release form used by Exeter to secure parental permission for the publication of home numbers. “Everyone is hopeful,” said Musumeci, “It is even a possibility that email addresses will be printed too, but that is a secondary concern.” The publication of email addresses would eliminate the confusion caused by irregular addresses and allow members of the academy community to use non-PAnet addresses as their primary contact. Currently, Mr. Morton is reviewing the proposal, which emphasizes the need for parental permission, in an effort to address cost and spacing issues. “Some parents are worried about the facebooks falling into the hands of telephone solicitors,” stated Dean of Students Marlys Edwards, “But overall, it would make it more convenient for parents to call parents and students to call students.” The Directory, which could soon include the home phone numbers of all students, is currently not available to anyone outside the Academy Hill community. Despite the fact that Exeter’s facebook remains on sale for anyone who visits the school’s bookstore, PEA has not yet had any problems in the three years it has published home numbers. Musumeci has worked diligently over the course of the last six months to gain support for his plan, though he will not be on campus to witness the benefits of any improved communication. “I try to improve things for all day students,” said Musumeci. “I don’t work for myself. I work for my constituency.” Although Musumeci finds himself primarily concerned with improving communication for day students, Maqubela points out that the new plan would affect everyone on campus. “Day students and boarders have day student friends,” he observed. “Not having immediate contact with them is a huge academic and extra-curricular inconvenience for everybody.” Many across campus support the proposal. “I think [the administration] should absolutely include home numbers,” said day student Elias Feghali ’05. Boarder Catalina McCallum ’05 added, “It’s really annoying not to be able to contact people when you need to. I had to talk to my [day student] track captain, and it was really difficult.” However, day student Katie Nadworny ’05 is not sure that she wants her home telephone number in the facebook. “It’ not a bad idea,” she explained, “but I’m afraid people will make prank calls, and if it’s your home phone number in the face book, you can’t change it. There’s nothing you can do.” At the moment, the proposal rests with Mr. Morton, who will make a recommendation to the Deans’ Council in a few weeks.