Playlist of the Week: Songs To Get You Through the Flu

The surprise long weekend brought a period of rest and rejuvenation for Andover students as the community recovered from an influx of flu and other illnesses. For some, music can act as a natural remedy and so many students listened to comfort songs to help them heal. Whether they were in the Rebecca M. Sykes Wellness Center with the flu or resting in their rooms, here are some students’ top choices to help cure whatever illness you may be facing. 

Anthony Yang ’25: “You Deserve This” by Men I Trust

“This song has been my primary study song over this long weekend. It’s super chill and there’s something dreamy about this instrumental that I haven’t heard replicated anywhere else. It sounds kind of nostalgic, hopeful, or anything in between. I think it evokes a variety of emotions depending on the listener’s mood. The song has a really nice instrumental, especially the intro. Men I Trust’s music generally has a distinctive sound that I love with their vocals and guitar.”

Sophia Lazar ’26: “Brazil” by Declan McKenna

“It reminds me a lot of summer… It gives beach vibes, vacation vibes, and I really love the guitar strumming in the beginning. I like to listen to it any time I am a little down or not feeling the best… It just takes me back to that summer vibe that I really miss right now.”

EV Heck ’25: “Mystery Lady” by Masego and Don Toliver

“I really appreciate the vocal layering, it gives the song an ethereal feeling, giving it the sound of a chorus… It is so unique, and I remember listening to it in Spring term during my freshman and Lower year. So it brings me back to those times and it reminds me of the brightness of spring, Spring Term, and everyone lawning… The vibe is pretty chill but it’s also very fresh… I like to listen to it while walking on the paths because I feel like it is background music, it sets the tone for the day. It’s fire.”

Paige Zhu ’27: “because i liked a boy” by Sabrina Carpenter 

“The song has a very unique instrumental and Sabrina’s vocals are very relaxing. The lyrics add tension to the song and it’s really nice to listen to on repeat without getting bored. I was listening to it a lot this past weekend with the flu going around and spending a lot of time in the dorm without classes. The mood is a bit nostalgic, but there’s also some anger and frustration built up in the chorus which is a good contrast.”

Lily Liu ’26: “Anaheim” by NIKI

“There are many cool sound effects and I really like the warm and fuzzy ambiance that it creates. It reminds me of the rain; really peaceful and quiet. I like to listen to this when the weather is gloomy — I listened to this when it snowed this weekend and it made me feel calm.”