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Phillipian Satire: Look of the week: Nicky Essaid ’24

Donning a wax jacket, a navy sweater and slate khakis, Nicky Essaid ’24 takes inspiration from his troubled upbringings and passions for Hinkleys and chocolate labs. Essaid described his sweater as “100 percent Scottish shetland wool” and wanted us all to know that the Margielas are his “beaters.”
Essaid takes special pride in his sentimental clothing. Underneath his sweater is a classic cotton T-Shirt from a brewery in the small, relatively unknown mountain town called Aspen (“æspən”). Don’t worry, Deans, the shirt was Essaid’s only purchase.

Hailing from coastal southwestern Connecticut (guess which town), Essaid credits his style to his two foremost role models, Boris Johnson and Tom Buchanan. He is very proud of his attire and uses it as a way to celebrate his identity. As his color palette shows, Essaid is a very vibrant guy. This spring and summer, he is quite excited to mix in some pastels and possibly a few new fabrics, including linen, madras and seersucker. Essaid, who prides himself on his friendliness and open-mindedness, uses fashion to show his fun side.

Essaid stated at the end that his wax jacket had been used properly and had stored many pheasants shot with his 19th century Purdey, in the back pocket, unlike the frauds who wear them around now. “You know who you are,” he said menacingly.