The Eighth Page

Phillipian Satire: Overheard on The Paths

“I’m going light this year. Trying to cap my Christmas list at ten grand.”
“I’ll hit her up when the winter depression starts to hit.”
“Yeah, the Deans copped my protein powder when they searched my room. I think they were afraid of the monster I’ve become.”
“Your dad hasn’t adjusted your allowance for inflation yet?”
“Why won’t you tell me what ‘gatekeeping’ means?”
“Inside of you there are two wolves. Inside of me there is a woman who wants to be Miss New Hampshire.”
“Will there be a land acknowledgment on our Christmas card this year?”
“That could be offensive. Christmas is kinda niche.”
“My Comp-Sci teacher is wildin’. I can calculate a random number in my head.”
“I just added Silent Night to my sex playlist.”
“Just found out Ye makes music, too. This guy is getting even cooler.”
“You can separate art from artists, but you can’t deny the genius of the German highway”