The Eighth Page

Phillipian Satire: Eighth Page Tour Guide Route

Start: Your journey begins at our beautiful Shuman Admissions Center. Act natural.2. Make a quick stop at the Den in case you need to use the bathroom.
3. Welcome to the East Entrance of the Andover Village Square. Be sure to visit each establishment. If no time, just the one next to UBurger.
4. Duck into the Andover Shop for the ambience. Quick, there’s a sale on Lambswool 4-Button Mock Sweaters! Not that a sale concerns you very much.
5. There’s a shortcut through here. Show off your drip to the friends you make at Rabbit Pond. Whoah, what’s going on at Missionary Rock?
6. Welcome to the Cochran Bird Sanctuary, 70 acres of untouched forest, perfect for shy birds and Heads of School.
7. The log cabin was built in 1931 for all sorts of fun and games. Just keep walking if you see a bloody handprint in the window.
8. You had quite the spill! Was the pond very cold?
9. Graves is closed, bummer! The bleachers will do.
10. The pythagorean arbor is a great physical reminder of the pythagorean theorem and all its genius. Enter at your own risk.
11. That’s funny, the baseball team is at a tournament in Florida. Why are the dugouts occupied?
12. Wow, Siberia, take it all in. JV soccer and other extracurriculars take place here.
Finish: Great, after all these spots, you finally finished. The end depends upon the beginning, and here we are, at both.