The Eighth Page

Phillipian Satire: Week’s Top Headlines

Academy’s Mask Mandate Like a Back and Forth Vasectomy…Snip Snap Snip Snap

The Better Tweet: “Dear Putin: If I Was Your Mother, I Would’ve Gotten an Abortion”

Latest Academic Dishonesty Scandal: History 300 Student Catches Footnote Error in Justice Alito’s 98 Page Draft of Roe v. Wade Opinion

Students Jingle Pennies in Plastic Cups Around the Trustees to Make Them Feel More at Home

Gullible Upper Thinks Promotional Email from Ivy League Entails Likely Acceptance

The Therapy Dog in the Library Cures the General Misery at Andover

Mother’s Day Doesn’t Just Celebrate Moms, but Anyone Who Nags You About Your Wellbeing