The Eighth Page

Phillipian Satire: Week’s Top Headlines

Only Four Faculty Test Positive For Covid-19–Whoever Counted Should Be Placed in Math 175 Since There is Nothing Lower

Den Closed So Now You Can Make Lots of Close Contact with your DoorDasher to Fill the Void in Your Life

Dr. RayK’s “Covid Updates” Blowing Your Phone Up More Than Your Sneaky Link

You Can Get Excused from Classes to Hunt Easter Eggs with Your Incestuous Family But No Excuses for Covid Diagnosis–Thank You Zoom!

Uncool Faculty Who Didn’t Get Invited to Faculty Superspreader Party Are Now Cool

Hopefully the Bus Driver Keeps the Windows Open For Lacrosse Away Game

​​Baseball and Softball Teams to Play Each Other in Wiffle Ball, Nervous for Most Spectators They’ve Ever Had