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Look of the Weekend: From Disney Classics to “Celestial” Elegance, Halloween and GSA Ball Showcase Array of Student Outfits

This past weekend, while students lined the streets for Halloween festivities, GSA (Gender-Sexuality Alliance) weekend kicked off with its first GSA Ball. Held on Friday, October 29th in the Mural Room, GSA Ball attendees sported suits, skirts, and sparkles in keeping with its “snazzy” theme. Saturday and Sunday saw students gather for Halloween events, including the annual Halloween dance and Abbotween. Event organizers and attendees spoke to The Phillipian regarding their outfits and the weekend activities.


Ginny Marshall ’25 as Vector from “The Incredibles”

“I’ve always been interested with Vector since I was a young sprouting child. [He’s] always my favorite…[the costume is] really practical because you’re just in a sweat suit all night, but it’s a little bit spicy with the wig and the glasses…I had to cut the wig myself because it was a bob, so I had to turn it into a bowl cut.” 


Will Posorske ’24 as a Cowboy

“I’m a cowboy. I didn’t have an outfit. I didn’t realize Halloween was a big deal this year…I went to the thrift store, and I found a cowboy hat on the free bin. I found a shirt and I cut the sleeves off it. I [also] have a pair of jeans and a bandana, so now I’m a cowboy…I went to Montana and I grew up on a ranch. I rode horses a lot, so that’s my inspiration. My dad was a cowboy too.”


Meg Stineman ’25 as Iridessa from “Tinkerbell”

“I am Iridessa from “Tinkerbell.” I am wearing a yellow dress, because she’s the yellow fairy…and I love bubble braids, so I’m wearing bubble braids in my hair…I could not find wings anywhere. I DIY made my wings [at first], and then I found some.”


GSA Ball:

Nikita Harwich ’23 (Event Coordinator)

When I was picking out this outfit, I was thinking about looking celestial, which is what inspired both my makeup and my dress. My makeup specifically, with the gold leaf and the rhinestones, makes me look ‘snazzy’, but I wanted the culmination of my whole outfit: the black, the metallic, and the sparkles, to be elegant and over-the-top at the same time.” 


E.V. Heck ’25

“What’s more snazzy than a black-and-white V-neck? While I love looking fancy and put together, I also value comfort and self-expression. I wanted to wear a dress that was casual yet elegant, because it truly reflects how I want to show myself in front of others.”


Fae Ross ’24

“I wore a black latex lace-up halter top, red leather snake-skin pants, and a red spiked choker to the ball. When picking out this outfit, I was thinking about what a classic rock star would have worn if they were slightly more modern and gothic.”