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LOTW: Langston Reid ’24 Contrasts Simplicity and Detail in Wardrobe and Clothing Brand

According to Reid, design and fashion are ever-evolving, where popular styles today will likely be different in 30 years time. The purpose of his brand is to gather a group of people who have similar ideas and create something together.


Langston Reid ’24 sports a sweater vest patterned with abstract shapes and dark brown pants, dressing in a warm color palette to complement fall tones. He finishes the outfit with a baseball cap, an individually-designed bright green tote, and white Air Force 1. According to Reid, his process of choosing outfits relies heavily on his accessories. 

“The foundation of my outfit always tends to be the shoes. Then, I try to pair that with the hat, and then with the clothes. So I usually have things matching… I look at my wardrobe as [a] place to pick and choose from, and then I put it all together, like a puzzle,” said Reid. 

Though Reid has always been interested in fashion, his style and inspirations have evolved over the past few years. According to Reid, although he expressed an infatuation with name brands at a young age, he is now currently inspired by many underground brands and designers. 

“Those big-name brands—Louis Vuitton, Gucci—[weren’t] fashion, it was just hype. That’s not really what I want… [So,] I looked for inspiration from designers, not the actual brand, and I’ve been evolving from a ‘basic’ to a more minimal style,” said Reid. 

Another one of his fashion inspirations comes from the environments he lived in. London not only exposed Reid to a variety of fashion styles, but also sparked his long-lasting passion for designing and the subsequent creation of his own brand, LR Street. 

“[In London], everybody had their own style, everybody did their own thing. When I was there, I [decided that] I wanted to get into fashion and design, but I didn’t know how. [However,] I was looking at name brands and thought I could do [their releases] better… Then, I was like, ‘I love fashion. Why don’t I make it myself?’” said Reid. 

Reid’s brand sells a variety of items, including t-shirts, totes, hats, and even stickers. The brand also features Reid’s graphic designs which capture the essence of his style: detailed patterns and accessories against a backdrop of rich colours and experimentation with negative space. Though he acknowledges that he will continue evolving and growing, Reid hopes that his apparel can inspire others to enjoy fashion and develop their personal styles.

“For my brand, I would hope to inspire people to look deeper into their outfits, look deeper into what they would want other people to look at them as, and how they want to be presented. I want to start a little community of people who try to do their own thing, live their own world, and don’t have to have a [fixed] path. Design is all about evolving—you’re never going to stay with the same style,” said Reid.