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Look of the Week: Inspired by Alternative Music, Chloe Bao ’24 Embodies Edgy TikTok Styles

Chloe Bao ’24 pieces her outfit together with fishnet leggings, a short black skirt, and a dark crop top with intricate lace designs. She pairs sharp and bright eye makeup with shiny necklaces and bulky combat boots to complete her outfit.

“I’d categorize my style under the vast TikTok alternative subculture. It’s a combination of a diluted tik tok-labeled alternative grunge fashion with hinges of the feminine Lana-core coquette fashion. My color palette consist[s] mostly of black and white, and often with a single playful color either for my top or purse. I pair my outfits with Doc Martens, stockings, and pearl jewelry,” said Bao.

As an international student from China, Bao stated that coming to the U.S. gave her more perspective on a larger array of styles. Taking particular inspiration from Los Angeles’ “alternative scene,” she ascribes to edgier fashions.

“[My style] changed a lot, mainly last summer, because I was in China my entire life before Spring term, and after that, I came to America, and I saw a lot of different styles. Especially over the summer, I went to Los Angeles, and there, I saw a lot of the L.A. alternative scene, and I really liked it, so I adopted it into my own style.” said Bao.

Bao’s friend, Arielsie Li ’24, has also noticed this subscription to alternative styles at Andover. Going from sweatshirts and leggings to a quasi-emo aesthetic, Li stated that Bao has both preserved her originality and stayed on trend.

“I feel like her fashion is very unique in the sense that you can’t think of a word to describe it at first…it’s not really emo. It’s sort of a bridge between almost emo and trendy and alt all at the same time, and she adds her own spin to it,” said Li.

Bao also cites the music she listens to as a major influence on her style. Mostly alternative artists, Bao stated that she wished to embody the aesthetics of these musical communities, which she explores through TikTok.

“I’ve loved alternative music for years which explains my style. I immerse myself in music from Elliott Smith, Radiohead, and The Smiths. I also added touches to the coquette aesthetic. Lana del Rey is an icon; I also attempted to exhibit influence from her music and vibe,” said Bao.