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Look of the Week Four Years Later: Amour Ellis ’22 Finds Confidence in Comfort

Amour Ellis from Junior Year, originally published in ‘Look of the Week: Amour Ellis ’22 Finds Flair in Vintage Pieces and Dyed Hair’ on October 19, 2018

Amour Ellis finds confidence in ‘owning’ what she wears and has used this mentality to experiment with her clothing choice.

Sporting a short brown dress and a soft jacket, Amour Ellis ’22 style has certainly evolved since her first edition of “Look of the Week” in 2018. No longer wearing skirts and dying her hair orange, Ellis’ style has become more casual. She is now worried less about what looks good and instead focusing on what feels good.

“I feel like I have a lot more confidence in wearing things that are different. I remember I was shopping the other day and I was like, I am being too harsh on myself in my head. I was thinking about whether or not I would look really good in this and I don’t have to look really good all the time,” Ellis said.

Instead of filling her closet with clothing from Forever 21 like she did in her Junior year, Ellis now finds staple pieces for her closet at Urban Outfitters. In an effort to be sustainable, Ellis also tries to shop at local thrift stores in her town.

“So my favorite stores—I live in Jersey, we have pretty good Goodwill’s, pretty good thrift stores, better than a lot of places—I shop at Urban [Outfitters] but I also only get basics. Tops that I wouldn’t really be able to get at a thrift store that I want to fit in a certain way. Things I could really combine with many outfits,” said Ellis.

As a Junior, Ellis used to draw fashion inspiration from upperclassmen, but now a Senior herself, Ellis chooses to draw inspiration from different sources. Instead, she finds inspiration on social media, using Pinterest to spark creativity in her approach to style and design.

Ellis said, “I feel I’ve realized what I like from putting runway looks on Pinterest. Because it’s like no one’s watching you, or judging you and what clothes you’re wearing. I just like putting things on the board.”

Ellis has a firm belief that nobody’s style should be restricted by cold weather. No matter the temperature or how harsh Andover winters can get, Ellis will continue to wear crop tops, feeling comfortable and confident.

“Wearing crop tops in the winter is elite. There’s no season where you cannot wear a crop top, where you cannot wear a short top, that means you’re not trying hard enough. A lot of times I wore sweatpants under my jeans and a small top in winter term a lot,” said Ellis.

Although many aspects of Ellis’ style have changed since she first came to Andover, her core preferences have lasted. She still rocks her Nike Air Force 1’s and crop tops, but with more confidence than she did as a Junior.