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LOTW: Cisco Hernandez ’23 Stays Productive by Dressing Up for Online Classes

Cisco Hernandez ’23 pairs blue denim jeans with a white t-shirt and a black down jacket, completing the look with pine green Jordans. Hernandez’ style is a mix of indie and street wear, and he often pairs chains or earrings with his outfits.

“I wear whatever I feel on that specific day. So, some days I want to be really monotone [with] calm colors and then the next [day] wear bold graphic t-shirts with eyeliner… I just do whatever I really feel like doing,” said Hernandez.

As a new Lower this past fall, Hernandez worked to differentiate himself from others through his style. Despite taking classes remotely, he continues to dress up to provide a sense of normalcy and stay productive with schoolwork.

“I read online that [if] you actually dress up for online school then you’d be more enticed to work, rather than if you’re in sweat pants and a cozy sweater. So, I just thought to myself before school started that I was going to start to at least try to make myself shower every day, put on something that’s not sweats or [a] cozy sweater,” said Hernandez.

When it comes to putting outfits together, Hernandez often screenshots pictures on Pinterest or TikTok and saves them for future inspiration. Additionally, he noted the role that his home state played in his pursuit of fashion.

“I definitely would say that I’m a bit luckier that I live in California rather than living in [the] Midwest or a southern state,” said Hernandez. “I would probably feel less confident, but I feel like over here, [people are] pretty open and non judgmental,” said Hernandez.