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LOTW: Hanbie Park ’23 Finds Confidence in Monochromatic Tracksuits and Neon Colors

Against a stark white backdrop in the snow, Hanbie Park ’23 pairs an ocean blue hoodie with wide-leg sweatpants. Since starting online learning in March, Park has reinterpreted her sense of style and now finds confidence and comfort in monochromatic tracksuits.

“[At Andover], I was affected by how other people dressed, and I wanted to dress [like them] to fit in… When you are in quarantine, you don’t have to dress up for anything since you are staying at home… I don’t want to buy clothes I don’t like for myself and keep them in my closet just to fit in with how other people dress,” said Park.

Park’s newfound confidence is supported by her friend, Audrey Sun ’23, who praises Park for her carefree approach to styling. In an email to The Phillipian, she specifically noted the cohesive nature of Park’s monochromatic sets and the vibrance that resonates from the neon pieces.

“When I look at her, I feel really warm, comforted, and safe. It’s just very natural. I think her outfits are something not everyone can pull off. She’s so confident and gives off the ‘I don’t care what you think but I’m gonna be comfortable and look cute at the same time vibes,” wrote Sun.

Park notes that her aesthetic often incorporates an element of surprise. From bright yellow sweatpants to a fluffy panda sweatshirt, Park never hesitates to utilize standout colors and textures to portray her style.

“I think things that wouldn’t appeal to other people are cool. Right now, I like tracksuit sets in matching colors, which other people wouldn’t normally wear. Tie dye neon yellow pants, green cargo pants, ripped hoodies. I am open to anything,” said Park.

According to Park’s friend Adrian Lin ’22, Park’s unique style inspires him to embrace the outgoing and extroverted side of his personality. He relates the ocean blue of the matching set to Park’s resolute personality.

“She knows what she wants to look like with her clothing. I think other people view her clothing as a personification of her character. The matching theme [and] the bright blue really stands out, and it is a good reflection of the uniqueness and peculiarity of a personality that is non-conformist and non-traditional,” said Lin.

Ultimately, Park believes that the rules of fashion are completely subjective and up to interpretation and self-expression. She advises others to dress in whatever makes them happy, regardless of judgement and societal standards.

“You don’t need to dress to impress anyone. Wear what makes you feel good. Don’t let other people make you feel discouraged about it,” said Park.