The Eighth Page

Phillipian Satire: Rejected Halloween Costumes

Halloween at the Eighth Page looked a lot different this year. Here are some of the Halloween costumes we considered, but eventually decided against.

Georgia: because you won’t be able to make up your mind for the rest of the night.

Anti-masker: because you go trick or treating at the retirement home.

Basketball jersey: because you are way too original and will outshine everyone else.

Nasal Swab: because it will get inside of you, get what it wants, and then leave without texting you again.

A Wildfire: because you will be what everyone talks about until the guy dressed up as Covid-19 walks in.

The Eighth Page: because everyone at the party will love you but the host will have it out for you the whole time.

Dr. Kington: because you actually wanted to interact with Andover students.