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Look of the Week: Izzy Alvarez ’23 Rejuvenates Style Through Runway Shows and Social Media

Izzy Alvarez ’23 is often seen wearing her signature black boots, which she contrasts with feminine clothing and matching necklaces and rings. Alvarez believes watching fashion shows over quarantine has rejuvenated her style.

“[I stay] updated on fall trends like runway fall. Fall season for [the] runway was in the spring, so it came out with all the summer and fall trends. It was good to pay attention to. I have definitely seen a lot of those trends in how people are dressing currently, so it is nice to be ahead of the game, almost,” said Alvarez. 

Fall is Alvarez’s favorite season to dress for because of the various types of styles that she can experiment with. According Ameri Vest ’23, the versatility the season brings is reflected in Alvarez’s fashion.

“She takes styles and pieces of clothing that are trending, but she puts a twist on them by adding different pieces and accessories that make her outfits unique,” said Vest. 

In addition to watching fashion shows, Alvarez draws fashion inspiration from Vogue Magazine, Pinterest, and paparazzi photos of model streetwear. She is specifically inspired by the Hadids and Jenners and enjoys looking at their social media posts for creativity. 

“I love that I am able to get inspiration from someone and recreate a look. I feel like not many people my age go out of their way to find things they want to recreate or they find really cool and dress that way. That’s something unique I do,” said Alvarez. 

Jason Kim ’23, admires Alvarez’s ability to match different—sometimes contrasting—components in her style in a way that seems simple but thoughtful. 

“She is good at mixing things up. For example, colors like bright pink, normally people [might find it hard] to pull that off. But she is good at being not too subtle, but not [overdoing it], so right in the middle,” said Kim.

According to Alvarez, the simplicity of her style reflects her straightforward and cheerful personality. She enjoys exploring casual everyday clothing and using different aspects of fashion to express herself.

“I would describe my style as simple and futuristic, and recently I have gotten a lot into street style as well as playing with color schemes,” said Alvarez. “I’d like to say I’m a very simple but happy person so I hope that my style reflects that a little bit… I think that, over time, I have gotten more confident in who I am, so with more confidence I feel more secure in dressing the way that makes me happy.”