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BVH Hopes for Victory Over Exeter After Early Season Loss

In its last home A/E matchup two years ago, Andover won 5-4 in overtime.

In its last home A/E matchup two years ago, Andover won 5-4 in overtime.

After losing 6-3 to Phillips Exeter Academy earlier this season, Andover Boys Hockey looks to rebound with a win this upcoming Saturday. The team currently holds a 10-17 record and is fresh off of a 3-0 shut-out against BB&N.

According to Lucas Brown ’22 and Assistant Coach Stephen Silversides, the emotional impact of a victory against Exeter on Saturday will stretch all the way into Andover’s next season.

In an email to The Phillipian, Silversides wrote, “Games against Exeter are always important as they are one of our oldest rivals. Saturday’s game, in particular, is meaningful because a win would allow the team to carry valuable momentum into next season.”

“I think it’s really important. It sets the tone for next season because we want to leave [this season] on a high note and pick up on a high note,” Brown added.

The is looking to use the unique atmosphere at Saturday’s game to its advantage, according to Shane Shelest ’22.

Shelest said, “I feel like being at the home barn will help us because we will have the fans rooting for us, and I think that it will get us going. I think we just have to get a good start and set the tone early, and I think that will help a lot.”

According to Silversides, the team will try its best not to get distracted by the occasion and will focus on playing its own game.

“On Saturday, we need to stay disciplined in what is certain to be a highly emotional game; we are at our best when we can play 5-on-5 hockey. Additionally, every player on our bench will need to outwork the Exeter players they match up against on the ice. We need to win the little battles and play for the name on the front of our jerseys in order to be successful,” wrote Silversides.

According to Chris Hocevar ’21, the team is heavily anticipating its match against its rival.

Hocevar said, “We’re all ready. We’re all psyched. We’re trying to get a big win, and we’re focused on playing well as a team and working together.”