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Look of the Week: Lilly Yager ’21 Coordinates Colors with Seasons

According to Lilly Yager ’21, her closet is almost completely composed of just two brands: Free People and Madewell.

Lilly Yager ’21 says that she considers her mother as her role model in fashion.

Styling a long-sleeved maroon dress with a cinched side, lightweight black jacket, and boots, Lilly Yager ’21 completes her outfit with a matching set of a white and gold Hermes bracelets and earrings. According to Yager’s roommate Lola Bingham ’21, Yager’s closet is full of similar tones and colors that she pairs together to create a trendy look.

“I would say Lilly’s style is a [mixture] of a classy and preppy [look]. She always buys clothes with a specific look in mind, so she looks put together and color-coordinated, matching everything from her shoes to her jacket to her earrings,” said Bingham. 

When putting together her outfits, Yager picks the colors based on the season. In the fall and winter, her clothing is darker, and she often wears maroon, cream, forest green, and navy. In the spring and summer, she prefers uplifting colors like yellow, pink, and baby blue.

“Spring is my favorite season, because there’s a lot you can do with it. There’s a lot of different materials you can wear, and it’s more flexible in terms of design [and] style. You aren’t limited by the weather, because it’s a little bit warmer, so I like [to wear] bright and vibrant colors. I tend to wear colorful things, and I don’t like to wear a lot of black or gray,” said Yager.

Yager’s style has changed over the last two years, after switching from a mandatory school uniform to an open dress code. According to Yager, she revamped her closet to have fewer clothes and more color coordination in order to maximize space and usage.

“Before I came to Andover, I had a uniform for five years, so I wasn’t really able to dress the way I wanted to. Part of the way I dress now is making up for lost years. We weren’t allowed to wear bows or any other type of accessory, not even nail polish. Now, I like to dress up every day, because it’s nice to finally be able to choose what I wear,” said Yager.

According to Yager, fashion is an important aspect of presenting herself, whether it’s at a special event or just a normal day of classes. With her clothing choices, she tries to find the balance between over and underdressing, mixing and matching to create a purposeful look. 

“I’ve grown up in a way where I’ve always been told that how I present myself matters. My dad goes to work in a suit every day, so it’s just a lesson or value that’s been instilled in me,” said Yager. “I want people to know that I’m put together, but not overdressed necessarily… I want to look like that everything is purposeful in the way I’ve chosen it.”