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JV Girls Basketball Exhibits Strong Team Chemistry

A team with only three returning players, Andover JV Girls Basketball creates exciting ways to transform each other’s positivity into motivation on the court.

Having many new players creates a unique atmosphere in which everyone is learning and growing their skills together, according to Allie Zhang ’22 and Sophie Glaser ’22.

Zhang said, “There are only three returners this year, and I think that actually helps us. We’re all just trying to get to know each other and figuring everything out… together. It brings us closer together.”

“I think it was nice to have a couple of returning athletes because we had people from all sorts of different backgrounds in basketball come in… It was good to have a nice foundation to help new players build on the skills we learned last year,” added Glaser.

According to Danielle Sarno ’23, without a win this season, the players understand and accept their losses, but don’t let them drag them down.

Sarno said, “We all understand that maybe we’re not the best team, but it still helps to be supportive. Everyone works together really hard. If someone’s ever struggling with something, the team is always there to help. If you ever mess up in a game or miss your shot, everyone will still cheer you on.”

“We try our hardest and boost each other up, even if the score doesn’t show the work we put in,” said Zhang.

Coaches Anny Candelario and Coreen Martin keep practices lively and upbeat, as well as help the players with their skills on the court, according to Glaser and Sarno.

Glaser said, “Overall, the coaches are really supportive. They see where we’re struggling and where we need to gain clarity, and they’re really good at explaining that to us or giving us a drill that will help us with the issue. During games, before you go in, the coaches will always give you something to focus on and if you have any questions, they’re always happy to explain so that you go in feeling prepared.”

“They use a lot of humor, but they also, when they need to, they’ll become a bit stricter and help us out to make sure we’re doing everything we should be,” said Sarno.

According to Glaser, the team’s goals for the rest of the season include working on its overall game, especially its offensive strategies.

Glaser said, “I think that we’re working a bit on our offensive plays and being able to see them through in games. We’re also working a lot on shooting under pressure because those are the two things that, if we’re able to improve upon, we’ll be doing much better in games.”

With a little less than half of the games left to play, the team hopes to earn their first win before the 2020 season closes.