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Look of the Week: Bea Hruska ’20 Fashions Diverse Clothing with Unique Accessories

Bea Hruska’s style is largely informed by the volume of clothing she owns, giving her access to nearly endless outfit possibilities.

Styling a baby blue t-shirt with a plaid skirt and a black belt, Bea Hruska ’20 completed her outfit with bright blue eyeshadow and bright reddish-brown boots. According to Ina Megalli ’20, Hruska’s friend, Hruska has such a large collection of clothing that she is able to create an endless combination of unique outfits.
Megalli said, “[Hruska] once told me that her greatest fear was to be assailed at our graduation, like in the Lizzie McGuire movie, and [be] called an outfit repeater. I plan to be that assailant. For the most part she doesn’t repeat her outfits and for the most part I do think it influences the way that she dresses. She has a lot of clothes so it’s hard for her to repeat outfits.”
When putting together her outfits, Hruska combines her need for a fresh look every day with pieces that catch her attention. Whether she’s wearing clothes she saw in pictures or ones her parents gave her, she doesn’t adhere to a strict guideline of colors or matching pieces and instead assembles looks to her personal taste.
Hruska said, “Most of my clothes are just things that have caught my eye. I look at a lot of photo albums whenever I’m at home and I think, ‘Hmm, those are cool.’ My mom and dad give me a lot of their clothes so I’m like, ‘Oh, fun!’ A lot of my style is just miscellaneous, not something that would go together at first glance, but I like this, I like that.”
Recently, Hruska replaced her iPhone with a flip phone, which she decorated using false rhinestones to spell out her name. According to Hruska, she wanted to go back to using a flip phone to make her life simpler.
“Phones stress me out, and I miss when I was in the eighth grade when it was hard for people to contact me because all I had was a flip phone. It has some fun bedazzlement. Like I said, I like things that are sparkly. All the things on here are sparkly,” said Hruska.
Hruska doesn’t believe that there is a singular factor that determines her style and what she buys. Instead, she chooses her clothing based on a variety of likes and gut feelings.
“I like things that are sparkly. I like frogs, I like clowns. Whenever I’m getting new clothes my brain just goes, ‘Oh, that would be fun.’ And if I have the money to get whatever, I do. It’s just a feeling thing,” said Hruska.

Bea Hruska ’20 sports a flip phone bedazzled with rhinestones that spell her first name.

Because of the assorted nature of her clothing, according to Hruska, her style is hard to define. Her closet is made up of pieces that struck her and that she has amassed over many years.
“I don’t know how I would really describe my ‘style,’ I don’t really know what ‘style’ is. My brain just picks out things that look cool and I put it on my body. I haven’t grown for the past four years, so I have an extreme excess of clothing and it’s just a collection of whatever caught my attention,” said Hruska.