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Look of the Week: Bianca Rodriguez Pagano ’21 Combines Strict Color Schemes with Unique Outerwear

Bianca Rodriguez Pagano ’21 primarily incorporates red, maroon, and white into her everyday fashion.

Sporting a maroon varsity jacket with bright white lettering and a shoe with wings stitched to the back, Bianca Rodriguez Pagano ’21 pairs her bold outerwear with light blue jeans and white sneakers.

“I stick to some pretty basic color schemes, usually like red and burgundy and white, just because they go together so well. I definitely incorporate a kind of strict color scheme, just to keep it very uniform,” said Rodriguez Pagano.

According to Rodriguez Pagano, she first started to pay attention to her outfits in middle school, drawing inspiration from her mother and sisters, and from social media.

“When I was really little, I was a tomboy, so I would wear graphic t-shirts from J. Crew, and jeans, and I would refuse to wear dresses and skirts. I think as soon as I got into seventh or eighth grade, or maybe it’s when I got an Instagram, I just started realizing how cute things could look and how I could incorporate my creativity into it,” said Rodriguez Pagano.

Rodriguez Pagano also draws inspiration from Blake Lively and Gigi Hadid, two of her favorite celebrities. She really admires how they transform simple outfits with eye-catching details such as a pair of sunglasses or statement jewelry.

“They’re able to combine something modern with simple elegance, which is something I really like, especially if you’re able to make a very basic [outfit] a little more stylish by adding something little to it like a pair of sunglasses or earrings that are a little unique, so details. It’s all about the details,” said Rodriguez Pagano.

Rodriguez Pagano’s favorite item to style in an outfit is a hoodie, jacket, or some form of outerwear with little details, such as colorful logos or interesting zippers. Though Rodriguez Pagano has a wide assortment of hoodies and jackets in her closet, one of her favorite articles of clothing is her burgundy and navy varsity jacket.

“I think she uses style to express herself and her really bubbly, fun personality … She has so many cute hoodies. Also, her style is really friendly and experimental, like we have this tan jacket that we found at a thrift store and both paid for, and we will switch off wearing it like every few weeks, which is so fun,” said Ava Ratcliff ’21, a friend of Rodriguez Pagano.

Rodriguez Pagano’s closet is filled with distinctive outerwear, such as the maroon varsity jacket pictured above.