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Two Meets, One Day: Andover 11th and 12th Graders Claim Victory

In first heat of the 600-Meter race, ahead of the rest of the pack, Abby Otterbein PG’19 clenched a win, finishing by less than a second in front of Sadie Cheston-Harris ’20. The Uppers and Seniors of the Andover Girls Indoor Track & Fields claimed a first place finish on Wednesday finishing with 56 points ahead of Landmark and Chase Collegiate, who scored 22 and 2, respectively.

Andover won the shot put, 300-Meter, 600-Meter, and Long Jump events. According to Amy Chew ’20, a standout competitor in the long jump was Melanie Cheung ’20 who earned first place in the event and set a personnel record with a distance of 16-05.25.

Otterbein. after her primary event was dropped, entered into the 300-Meter dash and narrowly edged out her competitor by two tenths of a second, according to Sadie Cheston-Harris ’20.

“Last minute, both of the 1000- [Meter] runners from our school and one of the other schools decided to drop that race so she switched into the 300-[Meter race] last minute…[and] she won,” she said.

The Juniors and Lowers, however, travelled to Phillips Exeter Academy on Wednesday. Charlotte Whitehurst ’22 found an extra burst of energy at the end of the 1 mile race to finish in the top spot and set a personal record with a time of 5:41.76. Despite Whitehurst’s efforts, Andover finished in second ahead of Governor’s and behind Exeter, who scored 83 and 27 points, respectively.

“This was a really exciting meet, because the underclassmen were able to scope out the competition … Even though [the lowerclassmen] didn’t win, I was really impressed by everyone’s performances today. Exeter has a really strong track team, and always pushes us to higher levels of competition,” said Co-Captain Georgia Ezell ’19.

Andover will compete away at Exeter for its Andover-Exeter meet next Wednesday.