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Indoor Track and Field: Senior Reflections

Angel Cleare ’19

I love when we play games at practice. I like running a lot, I could see myself

running in the future.

Timothy “Timmer” Verhaegh PG’19

This is my first year at Andover and I hope to compete in college. My favorite part of being on track is getting close with all the throwers everyday at practice.

Miley Kaufman ’19

I love how relaxing it is to just show up to practice and focus on perfecting one motion. It’s kind of a brain break after a long school day. I also love the throwers barbecue at the end of the season, because it’s a really fun way to celebrate our wins and be together one last time before the seniors graduate.

Jacob Buehler ’19

[Andrew Wang ’16] was more dedicated than any guy I ever met. He would always stay after practice to lift and do core. Even though he didn’t have a lot of talent naturally, he was an exceptional runner because he worked so hard. He was good because he made himself good, in a way that I think a lot of other people weren’t willing to sacrifice. He was a really big inspiration to me. I wanted to be like him.

Jeffrey Wang ’19

What I’ll remember most is improving. I’ve been in track for three years and I’ve never really been the greatest runner in track, but it’s been fun to just get progressively better throughout the three years. Especially alongside the team, it’s been such a good experience.