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Indoor Track and Field: Coach Features

Coach Nick Zufelt

My favorite aspect of coaching is helping student-athletes learn the process of improvement. In an event like the pole vault, which brings together agility, speed, grace, mental clarity, and a level of attention to detail, it is easy to feel a bit lost in the process. If you are focusing on your plant, then you might not execute your approach or your swing correctly. It takes some time before an athlete gets to a point where they can work on improving one piece of the event without sacrificing the quality of all the others.

Coach Mackenzie Hess

I love seeing student-athletes try something new even if they are not attempting to be the best at that event. I also get extremely excited to see student-athletes PR… I came to Andover without knowing much about boarding school or New England. My career advisor at the University of Wisconsin reached out with this job opening and I applied because I was so excited to see a teaching job come across my inbox. It was a great fit right out of Undergrad and I have loved living in a new part of the country!

Coach Jermaine Matheson

Seeing an athlete do something they didn’t think they could do [brings me joy]… I need a fresh piece of gum before the meet begins. Coach [John] Rex usually has some.

Coach Rafael Kelman

I ran track in high school, but not college. I ran middle distance and did long jump; I never excelled, but I enjoyed it.

Coach Patrick Farrell

I high jumped early in my track career before moving to long jump, triple jump, 200-Meter and 400-Meter… As a STEM person, I do not believe in superstitions.

Coach Lani Silversides

I was a state champion and school recorder holder in 100-Meter and 300-Meter hurdles in high school. I ran as a varsity athlete in those two events and the 4×1 and 4×4 relays all four years of high school. I actually started running track in a summer program in York around seven or eight years old. I used to do shot put, long jump, triple jump, hurdles, and running events until I got to high school and zeroed in on hurdles and relays.

Coach Kurt Prescott

I started running track when I was nine, where I competed in the USATF summer leagues. From there, I went on to compete in middle school, high school, and ultimately at Dartmouth College, where I specialized in the triple jump. That said, I was also a middle distance sprinter, hurdler, and long jumper at various points during my track career.