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Look of the Week: The “Trendy Triplets”: Nikita Muromcew ’21, Mary Muromcew ’22, and Natasha Muromcew ’22

While the Muromcew triplets all draw inspiration from each others’ fashion choices, they broadly diverge in the clothing and style choices that they regularly make. Each triplet does her best to develop her own style and display her individuality.


Wearing a cropped white quarter-zip sweater, Natasha Muromcew pairs her top with a pair of bright green pants and black boots.

“She really likes to keep up-to-date with what she wears. She’s always on the web, looking at what stores have new in. I also think that she’s a really creative person; she’s always looking to make her own clothing which she does often. I think it brings an air of originality that a lot of people don’t have,” said friend Celeste Robinson ’22.

Natasha Muromcew uses bright colors and eye-catching pieces to accentuate her everyday style. She draws inspiration from clothing she sees on Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube influences, especially Emma Chamberlain and the YouTube channel “bestdressed.”

“When I was really young, I had all these dolls and I loved thinking about the way they dressed, like ‘Hmm, what is my doll going to wear today?’ And from there, I just really started liking fashion and [thinking about] how I presented myself to the world,” said Natasha Muromcew.

Natasha Muromcew’s favorite pieces to incorporate into her wardrobe are bright, flashy pants and bright colors. When she is not shopping for clothing that catches her eye, she experiments with her fashion further by sewing her own clothing.

“My favorites are fun pants, patterned pants, bright colors. In middle school, I used to always wear jeans, and then a cute top, or jeans and a cute sweatshirt. But I try to mix it up, and I think fun pants are the way to do that. And it definitely makes you look different from everyone else without looking weird,” said Natasha Muromcew.


Mary Muromcew dons a pair of black and white Nike high tops and a big black jacket, accessorizing her outfit with a chain attached to her black pants.

Diego Winsor ’22, a friend of Mary Muromcew’s, said, “You can kind of sense, just by the way she dresses, her confidence and just more about the clothes she wears. You can tell that what she finds actually has some sort of meaning about her, and not just something she throws on. And I think that’s very interesting. I wish I put that much effort into myself.”

According to Mary Muromcew, she did not have an informed opinion on her style until the beginning of high school. Inspired by the peers around her, her mother, and her fellow sisters, she gradually began to consider her clothing choices more.

“I think once I went to my first year in high school — I’m a repeat — just seeing how other people dress [got me interested in fashion]. Also, once I became more exposed to seeing people dress well, I recognized that I liked it. Because at first, I would just put on anything and think, ‘Yeah, this is fine.’ But then, having an actual opinion about things I disliked and things I liked,” said Mary Muromcew.

Most of Mary Muromcew’s wardrobe is black, grey, and other dark colors, though she is currently trying to experiment with color. When looking for clothes to wear, Mary Muromcew disregards gender labels. If she sees an article of clothing that she thinks suits her well, she will wear it despite what others might think.

“Honestly, if I fit in it and I look cute, I really don’t care too much. Over the past few years, I’ve started to wear more guys’ clothing or masculine clothing. It’s not [like it’s] fun to play around, it’s just like I don’t really care which is which,” said Mary Muromcew.


Sporting a white Joy Division graphic tee shirt and black skinny jeans, Nikita Muromcew completes her look with a black and red bomber jacket.

According to Nikita Muromcrew, she draws inspiration for her retro style from many different media, including movies from the ’80s and ’90s, different Instagram accounts and influencers, and notable female figures in entertainment, such as Kristen Stewart and Peggy Guggenheim.

“A lot of [my style] is from Instagram. I follow a lot of inspiration accounts. They just post collections of images from multiple magazines. Some of them are old, some of them are indie artists… If I like this one character, I would try to emulate their style… I like a lot of ’80s and ’90s movies, so that’s why my style is kind of retro,” said Nikita Muromcew.

The majority of Nikita Muromcew’s wardrobe consists of black and tones of red. However, she is hoping to expand the scope of her wardrobe by including more basic articles of clothing and graphic tee shirts.

“Recently I’ve been trying to find good graphic tees. I have a Joy Division tee that I really like. But also this past year, I tried to get more basics, something that I could wear every single day, and I could switch it up and layer it differently and it’ll look like another outfit,” said Nikita Muromcew.