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Boys Track and Field Narrowly Defeat Andover High

Andover claimed first place in the 4×400-Meter Relay, finishing with a time of 3:48.78 minutes and defeating the second place finisher from Andover High School by 54.08 seconds. Andover Boys Indoor Track & Field went on to defeat Andover High and Wilbraham & Monson with a score of 63-57-14, respectively.

Similar to its last meet against North Reading High School and Governor’s, Andover was able to capitalize off of its 4×400 team, headed by Alex Fleury ’20 and followed by Alex Meyer ’20, Alex Fung ’21, and Captain Owen Glover ’19.

Glover said, “Our relay teams keep getting better, we keep knowing each other better, and our relay team are really starting to click.”

“The 4×4 [team] did great today, and we came on top and won the race. All four members contributed equally and did their part. In practice, we practiced our speed by doing hill repeats and sharpening those muscles we will be using in the race. We worked hard and made sure we were being careful with tending to injuries,” said Fleury.

Overall, Andover put up a strong performance against talented competition and set personal and season records in every individual event on Wednesday, according to Glover and Fleury.

Glover said, “This is a super exciting meet, because Andover High School is an extremely talented team and also very big team, even compared to us, so it was really fun to see a ton of different people on the track at the same time. We just keep working, day in day out, I think some people are having huge [personal records] today, and it’s great to see the work showing off.”

“Many people set [personal records] and even broke some records yesterday. Kareem Hill [’19] set a school record. I think the way we have been training hard yet carefully allows us to reach these new speeds and heights and distances, allowing us to beat our opponents,” said Fleury.

In its third meet of the season, Andover has become more acclimated to the meet environment and prepared for its events, according to Jelani Wilson PG’19.

“I think a lot of people got their form better, like people didn’t know what events they were doing for the first one or two meets. But I feel everyone has it locked and loaded on what they are doing, and it’s just pretty good from here,” said Wilson.

Looking ahead to its upcoming meets, Andover will continue to train intensely and maintain a high level of confidence come the day of the meet, according to Wilson and Glover.

Wilson said, “I think it is going to come down to being comfortable, like make it a habit to when you come to a meet your confidence is sky high, it is just a matter of your athletic performance, I think we are on a good path right now.”

Glover said, “There’s only one way to improve especially in [Indoor] Track & Field: to train hard. And that’s what we are going to do.”

Next Wednesday, the team will face Governor’s and Lawrence High School at home.