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Look of the Week: Jason DiNapoli ’19 Combines Classy Vests with Crazy Socks

According to friends of Jason DiNapoli ’19, his crazy socks contrast his formal fashion sense, adding individuality to his style.

Jason DiNapoli ’19 throws on a casual yet distinctive black vest over his black-and-white striped sweater. A pair of dark khaki pants and dark brown leather dress shoes compliment the vest. Finishing the outfit is a pair of matching dark socks that accentuate his vest.

“I’ve always been a big sweater guy, but recently I’ve developed this keen taste for vests and it’s now a big part of my style. Also, I have a bunch of silly socks, and depending on the day, I like to coordinate that with the sweater I’m wearing. I’d say this year, it truly came together at its high point,” said DiNapoli.

According to Elise MacDonald ’19, a friend of DiNapoli’s, DiNapoli has a trend of integrating two complete opposite styles of clothes in the same outfit.

“I would describe [DiNapoli]’s style as a mix between preppy and casual in the sense that there are always aspects of both these categories in each outfit he wears. For example, there are days where he wears his varsity jacket under a vest—[it’s] casual under something a bit more preppy,” said MacDonald.

Along with being West Quad South’s Cluster Co-President, DiNapoli is also a Day Student Mentor and the Co-President of multiple clubs. With the leadership roles that he carries, DiNapoli believes that he has the responsibility to lead as an example, which his fashion reflects.

“I think, as a student leader, kids look up to me, so looking presentable is always a good choice. When I’m dressed appropriately, that projects toward my teachers and to my peers how serious I take class,” said DiNapoli.

According to DiNapoli, he uses bright, patterned socks to express his individuality and introduce fun and humor into his otherwise formal fashion sense. He always makes sure to coordinate his outfits with a pair of interesting socks.

“[An everyday outfit consists of] a sweater, a vest, khakis, either Sperrys or nice dress shoes, [and] always a really nice pop color pair of socks that matches or coordinates with the day — like Valentine’s and Christmas socks. There’s always a good pair of socks to go with whatever I’m wearing,” said DiNapoli.

Zenia Bhathena ’19, a friend of DiNapoli’s, added, “Jason always wears his vests. He loves sweaters, too, and the fall weather is perfect for sweater and vest season. Also, Jason has sock game. His socks are very different and bring a pop to his outfit.”

DiNapoli’s unique combination of styles depicts his personality. He elaborates on how his choice of clothing affects his work ethic each day.

“I feel that wearing the clothes that reflect me help me be more productive. By wearing what I want, it kinda makes me feel as if I get to do what I want, and that I get to be myself. I believe in ‘dress well, test well.’ It kinda reflects my mentality — if I wear something presentable, it shows that I’m ready to work,” said DiNapoli.

The everyday fashion of Jason DiNapoli ’19 consists of a formal sweater and vest, paired with khakis and dress shoes.