Arts Look of the Week

LOTW: Chi Igbokwe ’21 Experiments with Color Coordination and Identity in her Outfits

Donning an oversized white pullover tucked into a bodycon skirt, Chi Igbokwe ’21 completes her look with fishnets and thigh-high boots.

According to Igbokwe, her style is heavily influenced by trends, popular items, and streetwear. At the same time, she likes to add a personal touch, such as with a necklace representing her love for music or an unexpected pop of color.

“This year, I’ve really been into bright colors, so I would describe myself as vibrant and modern. I also wear a lot of sneakers, so there’s some street style. I also wear classic stuff like ankle boots. It’s just a mixture of bright, trendy things,” said Igbokwe.

Denim is often a main part of Igbokwe’s outfits. She also pays special attention to her shoes, especially finding ways to color-coordinate them with her outfits.

“One thing I’m really into right now is white sneakers. Everybody has white sneakers, but I found that they look interesting when you wear them with more colorful socks or a skirt and fishnets. I like adding those basic pieces of clothing that everyone wears and adding something unusual that you wouldn’t expect,” said Igbokwe.

According to Thania Martinez ’21, Igbokwe’s friend and roommate, Igbokwe’s choice of clothing highlights her confidence.

“I admire Chi’s style… and a lot of that has to do with the confidence that she gets from it. This year, I’m Chi’s roommate, so I’ve been inspired to wear things that’ll make me feel better in my own skin. I like how Chi can wear anything and rock it. She can wear a bodysuit or a bralette and feel confident in it,” said Martinez.

For inspiration, Igbokwe observes the people around her and names Beyonce and Rihanna as influences not only for fashion but for life. She gains creativity from art and social media, specifically Instagram and Pinterest.

“I follow a lot of black female influencers and creators who are really artistic, and I’ll draw a lot of inspiration from their feeds and what they wear. I’m a very visual person in general, so my inspiration can be from an actual outfit, or it can be from artwork or really abstract colors,” said Igbokwe.

Igbokwe is also influenced by black female role models. According to Igbokwe, she decided to get a fake nose ring over the summer after seeing many black women with the accessory.

“In the fashion world in general, there isn’t a lot of representation for people who look like me… I’ve really taken it upon myself to look [to] black females, not just in fashion but in the arts, too. I feel that a lot of their creativity and inspiration comes from their experiences and their identity, and because I can relate to them so much and because they look like me, I can connect with them on a deeper level.”

Following her love for fashion, Igbokwe co-founded an Instagram-based lookbook, @TheAndoverEdition, along with Ariana Phillips ’21, that features the outfits of Andover students.

“What’s unique about the page is that the entirety of it is on Instagram, which I think sets it apart from other arts publications on campus because of the large social media component. We’re hoping to recruit other students who love fashion and photography so we can expand into a legitimate publication this year,” said Igbokwe.