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Look of the Week: Emily Warren ’21 Integrates Californian Style with New England Comfort

Emily Warren ’21 began paying attention to her style as a form of expression in the eighth grade.

Donning a pair of black, calf-high boots, Emily Warren ’21 pairs a plain white top with a blue-and-white patterned skirt. Warren finishes her outfit with a silver necklace and black coat.

“I would describe my style in three different ways: there’s the comfortable one, the athletic one, and then the semi-formal one. I guess it depends on what I’m doing that day or what mood I’m feeling, then I decide to dress up like that,” said Warren.

According to Warren, she first started paying attention to her fashion in the eighth grade, when she began to use it as a form of expression. Hailing from California, Warren incorporates many elements geared towards warmer climates in her outfits to suit the sunny weather she is accustomed to. Her wardrobe staples include skirts and crop tops with a splash of floral prints.

“I grew up in California, so I like to dress super spring-y. I don’t like this cold weather particularly, so I’m super excited for the summer,” said Warren.

With a diverse array of styles, Warren’s typical outfit ranges from a hoodie and leggings with casual sneakers to a stylish top paired with a skirt and boots. Her favorite brands include Brandy Melville and Urban Outfitters. One consistent element of her outfit, however, is her go-to accessory: necklaces.

“I generally like to wear necklaces; I don’t really wear earrings or rings. It definitely has to match what kind of shirt you’re wearing. When you wear a v-neck, you wear a dropping necklace [with a longer chain]; when you’re wearing a round-necked sweatshirt or shirt, you wear a choker or something,” said Warren.

Although she pays attention to her style, Warren does not put much thought into planning her outfits. Her spontaneity allows her to have flexibility with her fashion choices.

According to Warren, necklaces are a staple accessory in her outfits.

Martina Gil-Diaz ’21, Warren’s friend, said, “I think Emily has a very laid-back but put-together style. She knows exactly the look she’s going for. When she puts her outfit together, it seems very low-key, but she always looks good. It doesn’t look like she’s trying very hard because her outfits are casual. She always looks great.”

The move to New England has added new pieces to Warren’s wardrobe, allowing her to explore more styles. Inspired by fellow Andover students, Warren finds herself loosening up style-wise and combining her usual spring pieces with elements of winter fashion.

“Coming to Andover, you don’t really care as much [about] what you’re wearing [compared] to my old school, which was more preppy and had a stricter dress code. I still like to wear a lot of California brands, and dress super spring-y in general; [it’s] just the Californian way of dressing up,” said Warren.

In particular, Warren has begun to wear sweatpants more frequently, which were not common in California.

Sofia Cordover ’21, Warren’s friend, said, “I think [Emily’s style] is really good. You can tell what time she woke up based on what she’s wearing. She either wears sweatpants or sweatshirts. She wears a lot of leggings, and she wears a lot of crop tops and cropped sweatshirts.”

Another item that Warren has added to her closet since coming to Andover is a pair of white Converse high-top sneakers with a blue logo, which allow Warren to walk around the large campus comfortably.

“In the winter, you saw her wearing a lot of cute printed tank tops and her Converse; [they] are like her signature style,” said Gil-Diaz.