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Look of the Week: Kate Netto ’20 Derives ‘Eclectic’ Style From Fashion Icons

According to Kate Netto ’20, she is inspired by icons like Katherine Hepburn, Tyler the Creator, and Carrie Grant.

Kate Netto ’20 conveys serious presence in a huge, tan overcoat and an equally long blue layer underneath. Wrapped around her neck is a blue and white scarf. The blue theme continues with blue clogs, baggy pants, a headband, and thin-rimmed sunglasses.

“I’d describe my style as very eclectic, which is a nicer way of saying a little all over the place. I’m very inspired my old movies stars like Katherine Hepburn, but also, style icons of the modern day like Tyler the Creator, and the characters of Wes Anderson’s films. Just people who like to have a good time, and be a bit different with what they wear,” said Netto.

Netto admires the way that icons of the past have presented themselves and tries to emulate that with her style and choice of outfits.

Netto’s bold outfit choices give off a “sense of power and confidence,” according to a friend.

“I suppose it’s a matter of putting effort in, in a way that people did more so back in the day. Another huge influence of mine, even though I don’t dress like him, is Carrie Grant. He would always be overdressed, just a little and I think that just shows how fashion is fun and is a display of effort,” said Netto.

To Netto, fashion isn’t limited to clothes, but also includes hair, makeup, and a person’s attitude.

“My hair actually plays a big role in my style. I had a bowl cut for a second and I have an undercut now which I think is a clash between the past and present. I love to see that,” said Netto.

A distinctive feature of Netto’s style is pairing items that wouldn’t usually go together.

“I’m not really trying to make a statement with what I wear, it’s more of a means of creative expression. It’s nice to be a little bit odd and theatrical and to have fun with the way you present yourself. I love to wear very vintage-style pants and ’60s glasses with makeup that’s a bit more modern,” said Netto.

While Netto’s bold choice of clothing helps her stand out from the crowd, it also acts as a means of self-empowerment throughout the day.

Piper Drew ’20, a friend of Netto’s said, “No matter what Kate is wearing, she always has this sense of power and confidence. She goes through different phases where she will                       become very excited about a new style and stick with that for a bit until she finds some new trend to change to. It’s always different and I don’t think anyone else could pull off the looks as well as Kate does. Her personality is a part of the outfit too.”

The process of selecting an outfit comes as second nature to Netto; she selects pieces that not only make her feel good, but components that are also                    comfortable for the school day.

“Fashion should come naturally and be comfortable, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be like a movie character or a game of dress up.” said Netto. “Sometimes I’ll ask, would my six-year-old self think I look cool? If the answer’s yes, then I’m doing something right.”

Netto says she would like to see others embrace extravagant style.

“I think that everyone can dress a little more ‘costume-y’ if they wanted to. It’s all about thinking that you can, it’s a state of mind. Nothing is holding anyone back from dressing a certain way except your mind. I don’t know how healthy this is, but when I dress more casually, I feel like it’s not as comfortable for me as being over-the-top. I just wear what I like and enjoy. The key to being stylish is when people really enjoy and feel comfortable in what they wear,” said Netto.