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Look of The Week: Natalie Warren ’18 Stays Fashionable While Comfortable

S.Bahnasy/The Phillipian

After Warren’s forsaking of skinny jeans, she says that wide cut jeans are a favorable option to joggers or sweatpants.

Natalie Warren ’18 sports a worn pair of faded yellow Timberlands. A leopard print blouse covers her torso over wide cut blue jeans.

Warren said, “I’ve started venturing into the realm of wide-leg jeans just because I realized that I’m really over skinny jeans… I can’t constrict myself like that. It’s just not humane to my poor legs. They don’t deserve to suffocate in skinny jeans all day… wide-leg jeans have started to become a trend. I can get down with that.”

According to both Warren and Emily Ndiokho ’18, she looks best when combining styles.

S.Bahnasy/The Phillipian

Ndiokho, a friend of Warren’s, said, “[Warren] has a way with combining styles that I would have never really considered cool or fashionable and then turns them into a really sophisticated, really stylish, and really gorgeous way of dressing. It’s one of those things where it’s like, whenever Nat’s wearing something, I know that I can spot her from the path and be like, ‘Oh, that’s Natalie.’”

Warren said, “I love the pairing of a sweatshirt and a skirt. I like that dichotomy of ‘comfy sporty’ with girly… I think that’s how I would describe my style. It’s boyish, but also girly.”

Warren says that she finds most of the inspiration for her clothing and fashion online.

S.Bahnasy/The Phillipian

“Usually, I’m just online shopping and procrastinating, and I’ll just stumble across something that I like. Sometimes, I buy it. I just kind of put outfits together… My inspiration is just, ‘Do what I want,’” said Warren.

Warren also purchased one of her favorite pieces of clothing online.

“My favorite pair of sweatpants is these really colorful camo ones. They’re purple and green and blue. I usually wear those with a black or white sweatshirt so it’s not too overwhelming,” said Warren.

S.Bahnasy/The Phillipian

According to Warren, she was well known for her green choker during her Upper Year.

Warren often sports her Timberlands, complementing her comfortable yet fashionable style.“I wear Timberlands a lot. Especially in the winter when there’s snow everywhere, I wear them every day because they’re so versatile and they’re cute. My feet won’t sweat in my Timbs, but they will sweat in rain boots … So I just wear them all the time because they go with everything and they always keep my feet warm and dry and don’t make them sweat,” said Warren.