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Boys Swimming: A/E Preview

Andover Boys Swimming aims to extend its winning streak over Phillips Exeter Academy to 13 years in a row, having won every dual meet against its rival since 2005. This would add another win to the team’s season, which already boasts a 7-0 record and a second-place finish at Eastern Championships. During last year’s home face off, the team set several meet records in the home pool relays. The team looks to replicate its past success again this weekend.

“Historically, [Exeter has] been very strong. There was a huge run they had for 30-something years of winning in our dual meet, and I was here for our ten-year anniversary of our beating them for ten years in a row. That was really special for me during my [Junior] year,” said Nate Smith ’18.

Exeter boasts a 7-1 season record and has not yet faced Andover this season.

The Exeter team consists of many swimmers who also race on the same club teams as Andover’s swimmers, so many swimmers are familiar with athletes on the opposing team, according to Jack Warden ’19.

Warden said, “I like how two schools that are rivals can have such intense yet friendly competition that brings out the best in the school spirit of each institution.”

Smith added, “Exeter, like us, has a very deep team in general. They don’t have a lot of weaknesses anywhere, so to beat that at a swim meet, we just have to swim our best races. Everyone has to compete with the guy across from them. We can’t get caught up in having a bad race. We just have to focus on swimming the next one.”

Andover will travel to Exeter for a 2:00 p.m. meet this Saturday.