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Nora Kralik ’20 Grabs Attention With Flashy and Celebrity-Inspired Fashions

S.Bahnasy/The Phillipian

Kralik’s style was first inspired by the show “Girlboss.”

Sporting a multi-colored, translucent jacket, Nora Kralik ’20 completed her outfit with asymmetrical, metallic earrings and faded, ripped jeans.

“I wear things that suit myself. Those are my favorite things that I like to wear: stuff that suits me as a person and my personality. I like being special. I like to present myself as who I am on the inside, too, and who I am on the inside is weird. That’s why I like a lot of bright colors and some weird clothes,” said Kralik.

Moni Cepeda ’21, a friend of Kralik’s, said, “She incorporates varying styles and colors into her everyday style, and it’s amazing to see someone be able to do that in a place like this. Andover encourages you to express your individuality, for sure, but it’s another thing to be able to actively do that in the environment of work, work, socialize, work, study, sleep work.”

Kralik’s style focuses mainly around her love of statement pieces and items that demonstrate her individuality. According to Kralik, she often takes inspiration from celebrities.

“I’ve realized that I really want to make my own style like Rihanna or other celebrities that are very good at individuality. I feel like that’s very important, so that’s what I’m looking for now,” said Kralik.

In addition to celebrities, Kralik was first inspired to experiment with exotic pieces after watching the Netflix series “Girlboss,” which tells the story of popular clothing store Nasty Gal and its CEO’s rise to fame.

“I discovered Nasty Gal and found some stuff I really liked, it was really weird, but I really liked it. From then on I looked for things that would stand out,” said Kralik.

Kralik’s view on her personal style is definitive in her purposeful originality, which she feels is a necessity to stand out among others.

“Do I intend to be unique? Yeah of course. I feel like you have to stand out. There are so many people in the world. I mean, why do you want to be like everyone else? The way you present yourself is very important.  You don’t have to be pretty; you just have to be good at presenting yourself and put your personality out there,” said Kralik.

S.Bahnasy/The Phillipian

Nora Kralik ’20 has gained confidence and developed her personality by dressing more boldly and brightly.

Melanie Cheung ’20, a friend of Kralik’s, said, “She’s very spur of the moment. She’s gone through a lot of phases, and she buys things very impulsively. But, ultimately, I feel like that contributes to her overall style.”

Kralik believes that unique clothing captures the attention of others, and she has become bolder and more positive as a result. Kralik also uses fashion as an outlet to express her humorous side, such as through a pair of graphic slides she wore at the beginning of the year.

“I wore ‘f*** off’ slides for a bit at the beginning of the year. It grabbed a lot of attention. I wear things for fun, like the shoes I wore [were] just to be funny. Andover is such a serious school, and everyone’s pretty serious and intense in general, so that was just to lighten up the mood,” said Kralik.

In the future, Nora hopes to continue expanding her wardrobe to be able to always wear something to express her individuality.

“My fashion right now is pretty unique, but it still needs a lot of work to become even more individual. It depends on the day, because I don’t have enough unique clothing, so sometimes… I’ve worn all my [unique] clothing, so it’s just really basic stuff,” said Kralik.