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Girls Go Two and One

Co-Captain Sarah Rigazio ’18 charged down the ice during overtime with the puck and finished a quick shot into the back of the net to take down Lawrence Academy 2-1 on Monday. Andover also won its game at home against Deerfield 4-1 on Saturday but was taken down by Tabor on Wednesday 2-1.
Andover demonstrated great intensity against both Deerfield and Lawrence, according to Carly Kreytak ’20.

Kreytak said, “In the game against Deerfield, we played really hard and made them play to our level and kept control of the game. On Monday, Lawrence had some really small gritty players, and we had to match their intensity, which we did, and ultimately pulled through with an overtime win.”

Emily Batchelor ’19 said, “Against Lawrence something the team did well is [that] we matched their physicality. We stayed on our feet and won the one-on-one battles on the boards and in front of the net. The little things like this were massive contributors to our win.”

According to Brooke Keough ’19, until the Tabor game, Andover had been on a winning streak due to its new offensive strategy.

Brooke Keough ’19 said, “Against Deerfield on Saturday, we started implementing a new type of attack where the forwards bring the puck backwards if they are in trouble instead of just dumping the puck in the zone. We definitely did this a lot Saturday, and we won. We’ve played pretty consistently the last few weeks, but we struggled… against Tabor.”

Keough added, “Tabor was our hardest game. They were extremely fast and we struggled to keep up at times. Tabor scored both their two goals in the span of seven seconds, both of which were just 30 seconds into the period. If we play consistently, we could have won because without the 30 seconds of the second period, we didn’t give up a goal.”

Andover has been playing well, but the team needs to work on keeping up the intensity during tough games, according to Kreytak. The team also needs to work on being consistent and communicating.

Keough said, “I think we definitely need to play better against good teams. Although we played well, we still lost, and a loss is a loss — it still brings us down in the rankings regardless of how well we might have played. If we lose by just one goal to all the really good teams, we will have a bad record so we need to step up and turn these games around in our favor.”

Andover Hockey plays New Hampton on Saturday.