Look of the Week

Look of The Week: Ignacy Jurjewicz ’20 Matches Every Article of Clothing Chromatically

Wearing a bright red polo long-sleeve and a similarly colored vest, Ignacy Jurjewicz ’20 finishes all-red ensemble with a pair of red pants and red loafers. For Jurjewicz, his penchant for frequently wearing clothing of the same color stems from his mother.

“I think that my childhood influenced my clothing choices. Especially my mom because she always paid a lot of attention to ‘dressing properly,’ as she would say it. She always loved colors. So that’s why I love wearing green, or red on a certain day,” said Jurjewicz.

According to Jurjewicz, paying extra attention to the colors and details of an outfit is key. Every morning, Jurjewicz walks to his closet, picks out something he likes that day, and finds pieces that compliment it.  Often, the parts of the outfit end up containing the same color.

“On the contrary to what many people think, the color I wear doesn’t really reflect my emotions on a given day. I just go to my closet and choose a sweater or something which looks nice. And then, I just match things that go along with it,” said Jurjewicz.

According to Amy Chew ’20, Ignacy’s color choices are indicative of the work he puts into his particular fashion style.

“You can tell that he takes the time to create his outfits. Not only are they all one color, but they’re all the same shade of that color, which is not something easily done,” said Chew.

Tafari Friday ’20 said, “His style is his own. Gucci is not for everyone. His clothes are always on point — matching colors, matching fabric, and there is never a detail out of place.”

Jurjewicz emphasizes his individuality by wearing a multitude of colors rather than conforming to what others expect him to wear.

“You should not be afraid of color, anything that which might seem strange to other people. Because after all, it’s what you wear and it’s kind of a reflection of your own personality… And you should also not be scared to wear something, as long as it’s not offensive to anybody because I think that the world looks nicer when everyone is wearing colors, and not everybody is wearing the same thing. I think it’s just more original and creative.”

Jurjewicz considers shoes to be his favorite article of clothing. He likes the variety of options in creating the final look for each shoe.

“I feel like shoes are the most creative part of the outfit. You can have designs on the shoes, they can be made from different materials, they can have spikes, they can be very understated. And so I think shoes are very nice.”