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Look of the Week: Daniel Ulanovsky ’18 Knits Style with Thrift Stores and Sweaters

Warm in a grey baggy, basket weave patterned sweater, Daniel Ulanovsky ’18 completes his outfit with black pants and boots. According to Ulanovsky, this is one of his staple outfits as his style is primarily centered around sweaters.

“I found this sweater that has enormous sleeves. They’re the exact right length for my arm, but they’re very wide. Whenever I put my arm up, it looks like I have a wing. You can’t really tell, it just looks like a nice, baggy sweater. It’s a very lucky find because it’s the exact right proportions except the sleeves are really wide. It’s a test day kind of sweater, a lucky sweater,” said Ulanovsky.

One of Ulanovsky’s favorite places to shop for his sweaters is at a local thrift store, where sweaters are cheap and adorned with vintage designs that he enjoys.

“My style is whatever’s soft enough to be comfortable in all day, as comfortable as pajamas. That’s basically what qualifies it, the point being that as long as it’s cheap and comfortable and fits. This means that often what I’ll end up doing is going to thrift stores and buying the warmest sweaters they have, and they always end up looking from the ’70s or ’80s, but they’ve already been broken in. They’ve been worn and washed probably hundreds of times. I buy it [for] 4 dollars, and then it’s in my closet, and I’ve had it for a million years,” said Ulanovsky.

Ulanovsky’s friend, Flynn Bryan ’18, introduced him to Savers, the thrift store that they both frequent in Wilmington, Mass. According to Ulanovsky, he tries to model his clothing after what he thinks Bryan would like.

“I dragged him to a couple of different thrift stores, so I guess I influenced him into getting into that more vintage, cozy looks… I think he looks nice, clean, and comfortable all the time which really represents him. He likes to do his own cozy thing instead of sticking with harsher, more masculine silhouettes and styles,” said Bryan.

Ulanovsky will dress in particular sweaters to boost his mood on stressful days.

“On the days I know I have a lot to get through, I like to dress in the specific sweaters that I know will look good no matter what. The specific lucky ones where it doesn’t matter that I look frazzled. A pattern’s a pattern, so no one’s gonna pay attention if it’s not ironed or if it’s clean or whatever. It’s a stress reliever if you have something that’s a sure thing,” said Ulanovsky.