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Look of the Week: Amadi Lasenberry ’17 Channels Chic Colors Through Style

Amadi Lasenberry ’17 derives her bold sense of style from New York fashion.

Layering a royal blue dress on top of a bright yellow turtleneck sweater, Amadi Lasenberry ’17 completes her look with heeled maroon boots and sheer knee-high black socks. This outfit is representative of the bold color palette key to Lasenberry’s fashion that makes her stand out on campus, according to her friend Aisha Akoshile ’17.

“Amadi is an eccentric person, and it reflects in her style. Her style is a refreshing shift from the usual black, white, nude, and the occasional khaki green we often see now. She’s the only person I know that can wear mustard yellow, red, green, and gray in one outfit and pull it off,” said Akoshile.

Lasenberry’s bold style reflects her exposure to a wide variety of fashion styles in New York City. As a New Jersey native, Lasenberry often visited New York when she was younger, fostering a greater appreciation in her own clothing choices.

“[In] New York, I see so many different styles. I think when you are there, not everyone is from New York. There’s so many tourists and people are just dressed so differently. I think confidence is one thing because it’s easy to kind of want to dress like everyone else if you feel like you’re going to look out of place, [but] you don’t ever look out of place in New York. Everyone is dressed so differently however they want to, and it’s expressive,” said Lasenberry.

Inspired by her father’s love for fashion, Amadi Lasenberry ’17 tends to incorporate bright colors into her style.

Propelled by her father’s love for fashion, Lasenberry developed a colorful style and was inspired to be a fashion designer at a young age.

“My dad is really into fashion, and he always used to buy all of my clothes until probably tenth grade. When he was younger, he used to go into the city a lot so I think that was a very big thing for him, where he got his taste from. He’s also really into shoes, so we just kind of bonded over that,” said Lasenberry.

Although the style and color of her clothing does change depending on her mood, Lasenberry can often be spotted wearing her favorite red coat around campus in the fall.

“I have this one coat that I love. It’s red and plaid, and it’s like a pea coat. I’ve never seen anyone else with it. [My dad] got it for my birthday one year, and it’s just the most beautiful coat. When it’s fall for those two weeks, everyday it’s my red coat,” said Lasenberry.

Lasenberry’s vibrant clothing color scheme often catches the attention of those around her, especially her friends.

“Amadi is a source of inspiration for everyone around her. She is bold and daring when it comes to her sense of style, willing to defy the basic New England fit,” said Daphnie Ordonez ’17, a friend of Lasenberry.