Look of the Week

Look of the Week: Quinn Robinson ’19 Models Minimalism Through Style

Quinn Robinson ’19 gets inspiration for his more memorable pieces from several electronic musicians.

“What should be abolished continues,” reads a black and white box with blue silhouettes of people on the back of a sweatshirt worn by Quinn Robinson ’19. He pairs the navy blue sweatshirt with a grey shirt, khaki pants, and white Adidas sneakers.

“One piece of clothing that I would say is actually interesting is [my] Cav Empt sweatshirt that has a really weird drapey fit and a nice pattern on the back. In terms of shoes, I just have a pair of white Ultra Boosts… Those are just really comfortable; they look good with a lot of stuff, and they’re pretty well known, so a little bit of flaunting, but it’s nice to be able to do,” said Robinson.

Robinson has grown to appreciate a multitude of colors and tries to focus on one piece that sets the rest of his outfit apart while attaining minimalistic clothing for the rest of his outfit.

“I was really into really hype stuff, like this shirt that I’m wearing, Palace and Supreme… Now, what I’ve been looking at and appreciating more is fit… more of like the actual drape of the clothing and how it fits on your body. I’m appreciating that a little more as well as different color schemes. I’m tired of just hype clothing and black and white every day,” said Robinson.

Robinson often pairs simplicity in his clothing with functionality and comfort. This mindset keeps him eager to mix and match various clothing pieces, particularly jackets, and rewear them to form a variety of cosy and enjoyable outfits.

“I am a huge fan of his style… He is a big proponent of the bomber jacket, and he wears it often and well. His wide variety of shoes also serve to complement his outfits, and he often complements them with skinny jeans,” said Nick Demetroulakos ’19, Robinson’s friend.

Growing up in a school of just over 300 students from kindergarten through to high school, Robinson paid little attention to his clothing. Robinson realized after arriving at Andover how sheltered he had been to the spectrum of clothing styles.

“I dressed like I did before because it was basically the same stuff my parents had dressed me in since elementary school. Beginning of last year and kind of end of middle school, I dressed really badly, like really ill-fitting khaki pants and polo shorts every day… After eighth grade, I was like, ‘You know what, I kind of want to switch this up. I’ve grown as a person; I don’t think this accurately represents me.’ It was a gradual process, and I’m still in that process,” said Robinson.

Robinson’s inspiration for the centerpiece of his clothing style has developed from one of his favorite electronic musicians, Porter Robinson.

“I remember seeing an outfit that [Robinson] was wearing while he was performing in a show and thought, ‘Wow, that jacket looks really cool,’ ”said Robinson.

Robinson continues to find brighter, more eccentric clothing items that help influence his own style through other electronic music artists, such as Mura Masa, Madeon, and Sam Gellaitry.

“I think [Quinn] really found himself at one point last year. He found all of these, just like really exotic, weird pieces of clothing, but he makes them work. He really likes obscure brands with really obscure patterns and designs,” said Elise MacDonald ’19.