“State of the Academy” 2016






On April 22, The Phillipian sent out the 2016 “State of the Academy” survey to all Andover students in the hopes of attaining valuable information about the Andover community. The anonymous survey consisted of 80 questions, divided into eight main topics: general information, identity, school, drug and alcohol usage, wellness, sexual activity, and discipline.

Of the 1,118 students who received the survey, The Phillipian received a record-high 923 complete responses – 83 percent of the student body – in the span of five days.The Phillipian has taken the results of the survey and organized them into several pages of graphic data pertaining to each topic.

We thank the students for their willingness to share information about themselves and their experiences, and we hope that this special issue of The Phillipian will both inform and enlighten the Andover community.

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