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Look of the Week: Trevor Lazar ’17 Merges West and East Coast Fashion

Sporting a red and white flannel-styled jacket over a grainy-gray Vans T-shirt, Trevor Lazar ’17 complements his outfit with matching brown-gray Vans shoes and navy blue pants. Lazar completes the look with a pair of transparent glasses.

On most school days, Lazar can be seen wearing slacks and a button-down shirt with a casual, yet sophisticated sweatshirt or overshirt, such as his favorite checkered pattern sweatshirt, allowing him to be known on campus for his intellectual but comfortable style.

“I like to focus on simple yet uncommon clothing, things that aren’t too loud but are still unique. [For example], I like to shop at Woolf. They make nice pants… the pants are pretty simple, just solid colors, but they have a nice fit and are good for rolling up,” said Lazar.

Hailing from Phoenix, Ariz., Lazar tries to incorporate popular brands from his hometown into his personal style at Andover. Because of Vans’s popularity on the West Coast, Lazar commonly wears Vans clothing, even though it may not be suited to New England’s colder temperatures.

“I really like to honor my hometown in whatever ways I can, so I started by just wearing what I would normally wear at home. My idea was just to keep a similar style, but to be more creative and wear reasonably priced items. Obviously it’s colder [at Andover] as well, so I essentially just tried to add layers to what I would wear at home,” said Lazar.

Besides Vans, Lazar also shops online at Jackthreads and PF Flyers.

“I don’t often find myself [shopping on websites like], but I’ll look at other smaller brands, and then whenever a sale happens, that’s when I buy things. [I just look for] something that’s not too typical,” Lazar said.

According to Lazar, it wasn’t until Upper year when he started putting more effort into the way he dresses.

“I came into [this year], like ‘It’s my Upper Year, oh well, maybe if I put a little more effort in the way I dress that will translate into my work.’ So, the jury’s still up on that one, but that was kind of the idea of it,” said Lazar.

Lazar draws inspiration from his past dormmate Roshan Benefo ’16, who dresses in cleancut outfits. Likewise, according to Benefo, Lazar has also influenced his fashion style by introducing him to Lazar’s go-to online shopping store, Jackthreads.

“I think that [Trevor and I] have very similar eyes in the sense of aesthetics. The way I dress is very refined, in the sense that I’ll usually not wear very baggy things, and so my things will be very tightly fitting. And I think that in a lot of ways, he incorporates that. [His clothes are] a little more on the baggier side, so he takes that, but kind of puts his own spin on it,” said Benefo.