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Captain Feature: Miranda Nestor ’16

A four-year veteran of Andover Girls Hockey, Co-Captain Miranda Nestor ’16 emerged in her Senior season to lead by example, guiding her team to a first place finish in the Patsy K. Odden Invitational Tournament. Nestor’s command of the defense has propelled the team to an overall record of 5-0-3 so far this season.

Nestor’s skillful and confident playing style on the ice has set a high standard for her teammates to follow.

Co-Captain Kasey Welch ’16 said, “On the ice, Miranda is one of the best players on the team… She’s a great Co-Captain, because she’s assertive but never controlling, and she acts as a wonderful role model for everyone on the team, myself included.”

Nestor’s teammates recognize her as one of the strongest skaters on the team. Her control on the ice gives her a strong foundation in the game.

Being a defender does not restrict Nestor to one part of the rink. She frequently pressures the other team in the offensive end. This strategy is known as a forecheck and often results in turnovers for Andover.

Forward Tookie Wilson ’18 said, “She has a really aggressive forecheck, and it almost always changes the point of attack to put us on offense.”

Through forechecking, Nestor finds seams into the offense. She had a crucial assist in Andover’s close 3-2 win over Northfield Mount Hermon. With her powerful slapshot, Nestor helps to create goal-scoring opportunities.

Clear communication is another integral element of Nestor’s leadership role on the team. Whether the team is practicing drills or playing in a game, teammates agree that Nestor always knows what to say in order to get the best from them.

“[Nestor] is really great at seeing what the team needs and responding to it, and her confidence as a person contributes to her being a really strong leader,” said Welch.

Nestor is known for her ability to tell her teammates what areas of play need improvement during games and how to deal with on-ice situations.

“She communicates so well to us, both on and off the ice. On the ice, she is constantly talking, which is always helpful so that I know where pressure from the other team is or where she is, if she is open,” said three-year forward Courtney Masotti ’17.

Throughout this season, Nestor and Welch have been attempting to foster a strong work ethic across the team. Andover’s success has stemmed from this attitude, as well as from exceptional teamwork and chemistry.
Nestor said, “I really love being a part of this team. One of our strengths is that everyone contributes to our success. We don’t just have two or three players who win games for us.”

Guided by Nestor’s attitude and leadership, Andover has its sights set high for a promising season this winter.