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BVBB: Andover Excels From Three-Point Line

Co-Captain Danny Evans ’16 netted seven 3-pointers in Andover Boys Basketball’s game against Williston Northampton in the Seacoast Classic Tournament, tying the team record for most 3-pointers in one game. Evans, a Post-Graduate (PG) from Leeds, England, tied the previous record of seven 3-pointers in one game, totaling 29 points in the team’s win.

Many other members of the team, in addition to Evans, have mastered the essential techniques of 3-point shooting: stability and composure.

“There were a couple of times during the game where I was under a lot of pressure from the defense, but I knew that if I got into my balanced position, I would have a pretty decent chance at making the shot. I think that if you’re not balanced, then you put yourself at a disadvantage when you try to make a shot from whatever position you’re in on the court,” said Evans.

Evans is Andover’s leading scorer, tallying a minimum of 19 points in each of the team’s games this season.

Head Coach Terrell Ivory ’00 said, “On the court, Evans is probably our most talented overall player. I think that he does a lot of things really well. He’s a good shooter, but he’s also a good scorer.”

Evans said, “The team has definitely helped to put me in the position to score. My teammates trust me, and they often give me the ball during pressuring moments in the game, especially if a certain shot needs to be made.”

In its game against Williston Northampton, Andover showcased its 3-point shooting talent by shooting 14-28 from behind the arc, including nine in the first half.

Co-Captain Andrew Reavis ’17 said, “We set ourselves up to score 3-pointers by executing our offense and trying to get ourselves easy looks. This year, we have a lot of talented shooters, which really enables us to spread the ball around and be dangerous at every position on the court.”

PG Sam Jefferson ’16 has also greatly impacted the team’s offense, specifically in his role as a 3-point shooter. Against Williston Northampton, Jefferson scored four 3-pointers in the first half.

Jefferson said, “My role as a 3-point shooter is to stretch the defense and to get my teammates easy shots. Additionally, I look to shoot whenever I am open, as it is a high percentage shot for the team.”

“When others players drive to the basket, my defender often leaves me to help other defenders, leaving me open. My teammates have done a great job finding me when I am open,” he added.

Although Andover’s offense has had monumental success with 3-pointers, the players recognize that a 3-pointer is not always the best shot to take.

Josh Jordan ’16 said, “Coach Ivory encourages us to make smart basketball plays and to get the best shot possible every time that we’re on the offensive end. If I’m wide open, Coach Ivory and the rest of my teammates will expect me to take the 3-pointer. However, we prioritize getting the best shot on every possession over shooting threes.”

Evans said, “Scoring 3-pointers is not really something that we speak about too much during practice. It’s not something that we particularly focus on when we play in a game. It’s pretty natural and organic… I think that we have the confidence to be aggressive in our games, which has really helped our team to take advantage of openings on the court.”

Coach Ivory said, “I think that one of the things you’ll see in basketball now is that 3-point shooting has become a weapon for teams. If you have players who can make that shot, then it really changes the game and it helps you be more successful. Obviously, the amount of times players would make that shot in the past was much lower than it is now. Players are more skilled now and a bit more comfortable with hitting that shot.”

The offense’s good ball movement, solid screens and quick cuts have maximized the team’s spacing on the floor, which has enabled it to stretch out the opposing defense.

Coach Ivory said, “As long as we’re taking good, open 3-pointers as opposed to precarious ones, I’m okay with that, because that’s one of our strengths as a team. This is the first year that we’ve had multiple players who can make that shot on a consistent basis.”

Andover will travel to St. Paul’s on Friday, hoping to win its second game of the regular season.