For Charlotte Welch ’18, No Experience Necessary

Three weeks after picking up a field hockey stick for the first time in her life, Charlotte Welch ’18 scored both of the goals in Andover Field Hockey’s first official game of the season. Her offensive prowess proved crucial in leading Andover to a 2-0 victory against Thayer on Saturday.

Though lacking in experience, Charlotte Welch showed a natural aptitude on the field, which was unsurprising given her ten years of experience playing ice hockey.

Captain Kelly McCarthy ’16 said, “The team’s expectations were high for Charlotte, as field hockey is a game where sheer athleticism can get you very far – and she is definitely not lacking in that department.”

“There are a lot of similarities between field hockey and ice hockey, which I’ve been playing since the age of six, so my transition was pretty seamless,” said Charlotte Welch.

Many of Charlotte Welch’s strengths are directly influenced by her expertise in ice hockey.

McCarthy said, “Charlotte’s hands are quick because of hockey, and she’s in incredible shape. Her general field sense translated over from ice hockey, so she’s a very aware and skilled player.”

“She has great hand eye coordination and great vision – she sees where to pass the ball. Plus, hockey is played in a much smaller space, so if you can do it in a smaller space, you can certainly do it in a bigger space,” said Head Coach Kate Dolan. “She’s just a great athlete.”

Not only has Charlotte Welch contributed incredible athletic ability to the team, but she has also brought an infectious energy and spirit that has greatly improved team camaraderie.

“She has quite obviously been an impact player on the field, but something that is harder for field hockey fans to see is her positive impact on the team dynamic. She’s such a hard worker and her drive inspires those around her,” said McCarthy.

Charlotte Welch said, “I’m soaking it all in, and it has been a fun experience for me so far.”