Chloe’s Corner by Chloe Lee ’17

Summer: three months for you to fill however you please. One great way to spend your time is by hitting the shops and going on treasure hunts for special “one-off” items. Summer allows for so much time to browse, and that time is quickly approaching, so I wanted to share a few of my favorite boutiques and consignment shops in some of the major cities in the United States. And don’t worry! If you’re not visiting any of these places soon, jot their names down, so when you do get the chance to visit, you know just where to shop!

Los Angeles, CA

Le Fashion Truck – Honestly, this is just the coolest concept in fashion, because it’s clothes and accessories on wheels. Le Fashion Truck has a ton of trinkets, so look for small pieces that’ll jazz up your looks – that’s their signature.

Ampersand – This consignment shop is great for those of you who are looking for one-of-a-kind, vintage pieces. They sell awesome statement jewelry, so if you want skulls or heavy metals, Ampersand has got you covered. They also sell some old treasures like vintage Prada scarves. I often find myself mixing old items with new, so if you do come across a gem like one of those scarves, try it on and see how you like it.

Boston, MA

Sudo Shoes – This is the first vegan shoe store I have ever seen. From booties to trainers, this shop is a shoe maven’s haven. They have great strappy sandals and a pair of navy booties that I recently saw which were adorable. Did I mention they also sell bags? Get ready to spend a lot of time browsing this tiny treasure.

Bodega – From the outside, this store looks exactly what it’s name suggests: a community convenience store selling small things like soda and laundry detergent. But walk up to the beat-up Snapple vending machine at the back of the shop, and you’ll find it acts as a door to a hip store full of graphic tees, mirrored sunglasses and their specialty, SNEAKERS! So you’ll walk into Bodega looking for a Snapple drink and come out with a new pair of kicks.

New York, NY

Shishi – When I enter this boutique, I feel like I’m walking into someone’s closet. Cute chandeliers scatter the ceiling of the store, while trendy denim jumpsuits and floral midi skirts fill the racks. I promise that everything you need for this coming season awaits at Shishi.

Frankie – A recent addition to the Lower East Side, Frankie is a more mature version of the online store Pixie Market (it’s an awesome site that you should all check out). The actual shop is gorgeous, with stark black paint on the outside and gleaming gold details on the inside. In terms of clothing, expect to find asymmetrical tops, denim bottoms, bead embellished collared tops and black leather ankle boots at this store.

Chicago, IL

MILK Handmade – One of my favorite boutiques in Chicago. They have a huge variety of clothing and accessories from lesser-known, independent designers. Even though the designers aren’t widely known, the products are just as great. I recommend checking out their geometric necklaces, which I love to pair with a simple white tee, and their T-shirt dresses, which are both long and flattering.

Kokorokoko Vintage – The wallpaper in this store should immediately draw you in. From vintage pieces (a lot from the ’80s) to handmade jewelry, this place has many funky finds. I love perusing their collection of sparkly items.