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Captains Feature: John Gorton ’15 and Charlie Jarvis ’15

Boasting a combined seven years of experience on Andover Indoor Track, Co-Captains John Gorton ’15 and Charlie Jarvis ’15 look to lead Indoor Track to its first victory over rival Exeter for the first time in four years. Gorton, a Senior from New York, NY., is a long distance runner for Andover. He specializes in the Half-Mile and Two-Mile. When Gorton first came to Andover, he ran track to simply fulfill the athletic requirement. “[Gorton] showed up to practice on his first day in jeans and a pair of Converse sneakers. Since then, he has worked incredibly hard to ascend to the top of the Andover track program,” said teammate Ralph Skinner ’16. The hardwork and dedication that Gorton has devoted to Andover Track has paid off and allowed him to become one of Andover’s top runners. Running is now central to Gorton’s life — he runs year-round as a member of the Cross Country team in the fall, the Indoor Track team in the winter and the Outdoor Track team in the spring. “There was a moment during my Junior year when I realized that I not only enjoyed running, but that I had an immense love for the other athletes on my team and the opportunities that I had to work towards my goals,” said Gorton. As Captain, Gorton emphasizes the importance of a family-like atmosphere. He also leads by example through his intense work ethic and determination. “[Gorton] prioritizes the happiness and well-being of the track athletes. He is always there for encouragement or advice, and his commitment to his teammates stands out as amongst the strongest I’ve seen from any Captain,¨ said Skinner. “You can feel his passion for both the sport and his track family in each of his speeches at practice, inspiring myself and many others.” Jarvis, a Senior from Watertown, Mass., competes in a variety of events for Andover. She participates in the 4×400 Relay, sprints in the 50- and 300-Meter Dashes and does the Long Jump. Jarvis joined the Indoor Track team during her Lower year and is thankful for the opportunities that the team has given her to meet people from different grades. Jarvis also plays Varsity Field Hockey and runs Outdoor Track in the spring. She trains all year-round and often invites her teammates to workout with her after practices. “I focus a lot on lifting so that I have the power I need to get faster,” she said. One of the biggest challenges that Jarvis and Gorton face as Indoor Track Co-Captains is managing the large size of the team. “We have a really strong set of returners this year,” said Jarvis. “But, as Captains, we have to make sure that the newcomers, a lot of whom have a ton of potential, continue to really push themselves to place in meets and improve. As much as first and second place matter, getting those third and fourth place spots is often just as important.” Head Coach Corbin Lang praises Jarvis and Gorton for their ability to collaborate. “Both [Jarvis] and [Gorton] act as great role models and identify with everybody on the team, Seniors and Juniors alike. They work hard in all of the practices and competitions and set the bar high [for] what a good leader looks like,” said Lang. Gorton and Jarvis effortlessly provide their teammates valuable insight through their extensive knowledge and experience of competing at the Varsity level. When asked about their experience with the team over the years, both Gorton and Jarvis spoke about Lang’s influence. “Every day for the last four years, I have relied on [Lang’s] wisdom, strength and sense of duty to the team,” said Gorton. Jarvis added, “Coach Lang and I have a great relationship. He’s a great mentor both on and off the track and has taught me, among other things, the value of commitment as well as self-advocacy.” Under the lead of the Co-Captains, Andover Girls Indoor Track team is currently 2-0 and the Boys are 1-1. With a limited number of meets in its schedule, the team will primarily focus on defeating Exeter and preparing for the spring season. “We have very few meets in the winter, so improving means committing to working hard every day,” said Jarvis.