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Captains Feature: Erik Wurman ’15 and Kyle Moss ’15

Captain Erik Wurman ’15 and Assistant Captain Kyle Moss ’15 sit at the helm of this year’s Boys Varsity Hockey squad. Wurman and Moss are the defensive stalwarts who oversee the protection of Andover’s goal.

Wurman, who plays goalie for Andover, is a three-year Senior from Acton, Mass. From the moment he joined the team as a Lower, he has proved himself an indispensable part of the team. He was instrumental in Andover’s playoff run last season and has continued his strong play in the net this season.

Moss, a two-year Senior from Sutton, Mass., plays defense on the team. His physical style of play often deters opposing players from crossing into Andover’s defensive zone. With his blistering slap shot, however, he is a threat in the offensive zone as well.

Moss traces his love of the game to his brother, Kurt. “My brother was a born goalie and seized the opportunity to play. After spending a year in the rink watching him out there, the game grew on me, and I decided to try it the following year. That was it. After lacing the skates for the first time, I knew there was no turning back. There is nothing else I’d rather be doing,” said Moss.

Head Coach Dean Boylan had nothing but praise for this year’s leaders. Accordingly, he expects a great deal from them.

“Both [Wurman] and [Moss] have been integral members of our team over the past two years. The coaches expect that both players, as leaders, will help convey the message to the entire locker room that individual needs must always be placed behind the needs of the team, which has to be every player’s priority. We feel both [Wurman] and [Moss] are very effective in conveying that message,” said Coach Boylan.

The captains have taken the initiative this season to be vocal leaders who inspire the team to perform at the highest possible level. Teammate Collin Nugent ’16 said, “They are both loud in the locker room, and they really get the team going. You can see how much they care about the team and their passion for the sport.”

Wurman is hopeful that the team can catch a hot streak in the second half of the season to make up for an up-and-down first half. “I think we can be a very competitive team for the rest of the season. We have a group of very hard-working and selfless guys who are all willing to sacrifice and put the team’s needs in front of their own. We’re still getting healthy and getting better, so I’m optimistic,” said Wurman.

“After a rough Flood Marr Tournament, our team has battled the last two games to return to a .500 record. We don’t plan on dipping below that anytime soon. Our expectation for the season is to win playoffs, and that starts by having a winning record for the rest of the season,” Moss added.

Nugent praised the captains’ ability to make new members of the team welcome from the very first day. “[Wurman] and [Moss] made a concerted effort from day one to get [Tyler Levine ’16] and I acclimated to the school, and ever since our first team lunch in [Paresky Commons], we were all brothers,” said Nugent.

Both Wurman and Moss hope to continue their hockey careers in college but are currently focused on finishing their final season on a high note. With two shutout victories in three games, the team seems to be heading in the right direction.

“[At the end of the season,] I want to say that we were able to overcome the early season struggles and able to find ways to win the big games,” Wurman said.